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Published: Thursday 15 August, 2013

michael kors large hamilton michael kors large hamilton ´╗┐Feelings on Greenhouse gases

The most important gas, in terms of largest affects, is water vapour H2O. Focussing on this gas and its effects, however, is considered a bit of a distraction. Human activity has little direct impact on atmospheric H2O levels. Unfortunately, tho michael kors large hamilton ugh, water vapour does enhance the potential of other greenhouse gas emissions. So as other greenhouse gases GHGs accumulate in the atmosphere, water vapour adds to and increases their ability to change climate.

The main manmade GHGS which we can do something about, hopefully are carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4 and nitrous oxide N2O. CO2 is the most important just because of how much of it gets released; it accounts for 84% of the total global warming effect from human sources.

Methane and nitrous oxide are most potent gases they do more damage per tonne released, but they are only released in relatively tiny amounts compared to CO2.

Human sources of GHGs include any activity that burns fossil fuels such as most energy ge michael kors large hamilton neration and transport systems and manufacturing. Farming methods, such as rice cultivation and rising livestock, also produce GHGs.

Many people are worried the emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide from industrial processes and governments from many countries have signed agreements to try and cut down emissions to prevent this increase causing a rise in the temperature of the Earth. One such agreement was the Kyoto protocol, which came into force in 2005. Around 160 countries have now signed up to this agreement, which aims to cut down carbon dioxide emissions and to also control michael kors large hamilton emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and three types of fluorinated gases produced by industry. michael kors large hamilton