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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

michael kors factory outlet usa michael kors factory outlet usa 2050 too late for climate change action

official in the Bush administration says the world cant wait to tackle greenhouse gases until 2050, the date the Harper government wants Canadas emissions cut in half.

ONeil spoke Wednesdayat an Ottawa conference organized by the World Wildlife Fund on the risks and opportunities for business in tackling the problem.

If the world eliminated all greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, ONeil noted, it would take a century for the current atmospheric concentrations to be cut in half.

Kyoto barely mentioned at conference

Yet while urging action to deal with a threat that he believes can fundamentally change the planet, ONeil sounded more like his former boss when it came to the Kyoto accord, which was barely mentionedby business leaders and environmentalists at the conference.

I believe it Kyoto was a political bargain crafted by the devil because it would have imposed enormous costs on the world and the contribution to reducing greenhouse gas concentrations was something close to zero, he said.

The Ottawa conference focused on the risks and opportunities facing companies that emit greenhouse gases.

The consensus of those gathered at the conference was that change is coming with or without Kyoto, as companies soon face the choice of profiting by cutting their greenhouse gases or dealing with the consequences if they do nothing.

CP responds to Calgary mayors anger over rail bridge failure

Canadian Pacific Railway says it did everything possible to inspect a Calgary bridge that failed early Thursday morning, leaving six derailed cars stranded on the sagging track. In exclusive interviews with CBC michael kors factory outlet usa News, several of his former hostages confirmed meeting London, Ont. native Xristos Katsiroubas during the att michael kors factory outlet usa ack. An RSS reader allows users to pull in articles from various websites.

Police say a twoyearold Milton, Ont., boy died Wednesday after he was left for a signifi michael kors factory outlet usa cant portion of the day in a family members vehicle. top court rulings. michael kors factory outlet usa