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Published: Saturday 14 September, 2013

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I was asked by a client yesterday whether it would be feasible to provide a simple inhouse server to host a webserver and basic file sharing for a small office workgroup of 4 users all running XP.

My initial thought was to simply add an office style PC and run Windows / XAMPP, however after considering the actual requirements which means this system has a dedicated server role, Im now thinking about an Atom D510 based solution. The savings on the MB / CPU would allow for more memory, so Id look for Win 7 x64 as the OS and Apache as the HTTPD server along with MySQL and php.

System loading will be low with just a few shared files between the four clients. The main reason for going this route is that they currently access their internet website to show customers properties.

The main problem is that if the ADSL is down, they have no access. The Webserver will only be accessed by 3 / 4 simultaneous users and there will be a script to upload a database dump to the Internet site once a day along with an FTP upload of any new / revised pictures.

Low power is not the primary consideration, however I was thinking that a discrete and quiet system would be more aesthetic and by making this a lower processing power system, it would discourage management to start using it as a workstation in addition to its server role.

The fate of the existing file sharing server is that it has now become a user desktop as well as having a server role and when the user goes home he regularly shuts down or he just reboots because hes added some new software without considering that other users may be connected to the file shares.

With a lowend system to meet your requirements, its probably cheaper to purchase an OffTheShelf Windows 7 Professional system and add michael kors cheap hard drive space to it for the FTP server. For example:

Use this system as a base:

HP 500B $320 which should have more than enough processing power for your needs.

Upgrade the RAM:

Kingston 2GB 2x1GB RAM $27 which should also be enough for your needs maybe consider going 2x2GB DDR31333.

Finally, add an additional Hard Drive:

Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB internal Hard drive $65 for your Web and FTP file space.

Some notes about this specific setup:

1 Its a Pentium Dual Core 3.00GHz processor. Not the latest in technology, but should be sufficient for your needs

2 Only t michael kors cheap wo RAM slots. If you initially go with 2x1GB slots and find it insufficient, youll have to replace the memory rather than add to it.

3 This setup assumes there are additional SATA ports for extra hard drives.

4 With Windows 7 Professional, you get Microsoft Internet Information Services Web/FTP services included. Add in either Microsoft Access at cost or MySQL free and you should have all your needs met.

5 Total Cost is $412 plus shipping extra if you need Microsoft Access for a database solution.

As this is only a simple office web / file server which has to serve up to 5 users maximum, I ended up getting the Atom board/cpu with a Samsung 500Gb HDD and 2Gb of Kingston Value RAM. As the system does not support dual channel, a single stick of RAM was used and it was all housed in a Gview ITX Cola case.

OS is Windows 7 Home Premium as this supports the necessary file sharing requirements. XAMPP installed with no problems and everything is now up and running. michael kors cheap