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michael kors 2013

Published: Wednesday 18 September, 2013

michael kors 2013 michael kors 2013 ´╗┐Alternatives To Save The Blue Planet

As the human birth rate is increasing coupled with the advent of technology, its becoming very difficult to maintain the balance of the earth and its natural climate. The introduction of automobiles and other CFCs led gadgets in our surroundings has led to numerous issues which cannot be neglected any more. The exhaustion of fossil fuels with high release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other greenhouse gases has made significant changes in the environment of our blue earth. The most apparent changes in the climatic patterns are the erratic rain patterns and the intensity michael kors 2013 of heat and cold in their respective seasons which seems to be increasing each winter or summers. If this was not enough then the issue of greenhou michael kors 2013 se effect and global warming has already sounded the death knell for the caretakers to take some prominent steps before its too late.

With the advent of science of technology, scientist and other environmentalist have found answers to many questions regarding the changing patterns of the climate. The first reason they cite is the increase in pollution and cuttin michael kors 2013 g of trees for human habitats which has destroyed the natural equilibrium between the human consumption and earths power to heal it back. The consumption rate is increasing by leaps and bounds that is why mother earth is no more in the position to heal it back. An interesting alternative to cut down the use of fossil fuels to meet the energy consumption of humans is the use of Solar Energy Tucson where the energy of the sun can be harnessed and then used for different purposes to support life on earth. This is a very safe and convenient alternative where nobody will be harmed since the consumption is from a natural source that is sun which has immense amount of energy that can be used for good purposes without any fear. Tucson Solar is already launched many programs where solar energy can be used for commercial and residential purposes.

As human beings we need to understand and take our responsibility of protecting this earth very seriously so that our future generations do not have to bear the burden of our mistakes and negligence. Since times immemorial human beings have been able to maintain their existence on the expense of the natural resources offered by this green planet and therefore its time to return something back to it so that we do not endanger its very existence because of our selfish means.. michael kors 2013