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Published: Sunday 28 July, 2013

longchamp medium le pliage longchamp medium le pliage Forest Decline

Forest decline has many symptoms. The major ones are reduced vigor and growth in plants. Some plants may exhibit specific symptoms, such as yellowing of needles in conifers. There is no one factor that accounts alone for the recent instances of forest decline. Acid precipitation does prove to be a major cause, but other causes, including toxic heavy metals lead, cadmium, copper, and others, surfacelevel ozone, and several humaninduced pollutants also have proved to be large causers of f longchamp medium le pliage orest decline. The location of trees changes their susceptibility to forest decline. For example, forests at high elevations are more vulnerable to forest decline because most trees growing at higher elevations are at the limits of their normal range and therefore more prone to be hit by stressors of any type. The pollutants that cause forest decline are absolutely not natural and are typically made by power plants, ore smelters, refineries, and motor vehicles. Natural objects that decrease forests include insects and severe weather such as drought or a very bad winter cold and wind can injure some plants. The factor causing forest decline differ from one tree to another so when one stressor weakens a tree, a second stressor may come and bring about the trees death.

Connection to global warming or global climate change: Trees have the ability to photosynthesize, thus remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it for hundreds of years. As forests are removed, fewer trees are able to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so there is more of it in its gaseous state. Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas which traps heat within the earths atmosphere, thus ultimately warming it. As forest decline continues global warming increases because less trees are able to store the greenhouse gas. That is how forest decline contributes to the effect of global warming. Also, another way which it effects global warming is that the wood which is typically cut down by humans is often combusted, also releasing greenhouse gases longchamp medium le pliage into the atmosphere. This also intensifies the effect of global warming.

This map above shows the decline of forest in So Paulo State through the years. As you can see, the state went from being nearly fully forested, to having nearly no forests at all!

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