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Published: Wednesday 04 September, 2013

longchamp le pliage large black tote longchamp le pliage large black tote Global warming affects food supplies for Antarctic wildlife

Changing wind patterns linked to global warming are altering the food chain in Antarctica and might lead to further increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The most basic food, plankton, is declining in the northern portions of the Antarctic peninsula reaching toward South America, researchers report in Fridays edition of the journal Science.

At the same time, populations of Adelie penguins, which require a colder climate, have dropped sharply in that region while warmerweather chinstrap penguins have increased.

Were showing for the first time that there is an ongoing change on phytoplankton concentration and composition along the western shelf of the Antarctic Peninsula that is associ longchamp le pliage large black tote ated with a longterm climate modification, Martin MontesHugo, a marine scientist at Rutgers University, said in a statement. These phytoplankton changes may explain in part the observed decline of some penguin populations.

The change reflects shifting patterns of cloud cover, ice formation and winds, the report said.

A separate report in the same edition of Science raises the possibility that new wind patterns could result in more upwelling of deep water in the region, which would then release stored carbon dioxide, potentially increasing global warming.

The faster the ocean turns over, the more deep water rises to the surface to release CO2, said Rober longchamp le pliage large black tote t Anderson, a geochemist at Columbia Universitys LamontDoherty Earth Observatory. Its this rate of overturning that regulates CO2 in the atmosphere.

CP responds to Calgary mayors anger over rail bridge failure

Canadian Pacific Railway says it did everything possible to inspect a Calgary bridge that failed early Thursday morning, leaving six derailed cars stranded on the sagging track. In exclusive interviews with CBC News, several of his forme longchamp le pliage large black tote r hostages confirmed meeting London, Ont. native Xristos Katsiroubas during the attack. An RSS reader allows users to pull in articles from various websites.

Police say a twoyearold Milton, Ont., boy died Wednesday after he was left for a significant portion of the day in a family members vehicle. longchamp le pliage large black tote