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longchamp le pliage backpack

Published: Friday 16 August, 2013

longchamp le pliage backpack longchamp le pliage backpack Get green keen

No river, no life so lets start cleaning up our rivers instead of treating them like rubbish dumps.

Many are going green these days because awareness on the need to conserve resources and to look after Mother Earth is high.

Every day we read articles and see programmes on ecofriendly practices. We also hear of the impact of greenhouse gases, the rising levels of oceans, the deteriorating water quality and the continuous extinction of species.

This growing awareness bodes well for a world with more than six billion humans whose a longchamp le pliage backpack ctivities threaten its continued existence. But awareness alone is not enough. To save Earth, effective action must be taken and by more people.

However, there are scant few individuals who stand up and lead others in environmental conservation projects and action.

How many of us really reduce the use of plastics in our lives? Consider this: over 60 million mineral water bottles are discarded around the world, every day! How many of us regularly recycle? longchamp le pliage backpack How many of us carpool or intentionally use public transport to reduce emissions? How many eat more local fruits instead of imported ones?

A clean up that took place in Sg Kedondong, Selangor.

Consider this: A kiwi fruit shipped to London from New Zealand would have given out more than its weight in greenhouse gases th longchamp le pliage backpack rough vehicle emissions! Its a sobering thought.

The key issue is the mindset of Malaysians. Do we translate caring inclinations into action on a consistent basis? Or do we keep our peace when we see someone throwing rubbish in the street, longkang or river?

Does a voice in our mind say: Its OKlah, as long as its not in my backyard?

Or my favourite: Tak apa, the bandaran people will clear the mess later!

I think its time we stand up and do our bit for the environment, whether big or small. More importantly, we must be CONSISTENT.

On the other hand, we have come some way in conservation. We have No Plastic days, various cleanup campaigns and recycling programmes. Our resplendent buildings, planned townships and modern highways are being kept in fairly good order. Things are moving in the right direction.

Still there are areas where we are lagging behind. Our natural treasures like highland retreats, national parks and streams are relatively neglected. Many rivers are muddy due to uncontrolled land development and choked with rubbish from indiscriminate dumping.

Many hands make light work.

One anglertourist from Holland said this to me: From the plane, I saw many yellow veins and lots of brown patches. As an angler, I couldnt help but get depressed!

Our rivers seem to suffer the most damage from indiscriminate activities. Many people still treat them as convenient rubbish dumps. Effluents from industrial activities still find their way into the rivers.

Rivers die as a result. The problem stems from the activities mentioned above. But the root cause is the tidak apa never mind attitude of our people. This is what we need to weed out.

Currently there are conservation groups leading the way. Kelah Association of Malaysia Kagum, for instance, is a river conservation group that is trying to help the country revive our rivers and fish. Their ultimate aim is to make our rivers pristine once again, so they become assets for ecotourism.

Another group, Save Our Waterfalls SOW, targets the revival of picnic areas around waterfalls.

There are also other groups that target specific rivers, especially those in the vicinity of urban areas. These rivercare groups constitute such a small portion of society. Many more need to take part, to bring our rivers back to their former glory. They need caring people like you.

What you do after you read this article will make a difference. Contact these groups. Give up a portion of your time to these worthwhile activities, and you may discover its a lot of fun too. longchamp le pliage backpack