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Published: Tuesday 30 July, 2013

longchamp bags outlet online longchamp bags outlet online ´╗┐Geochemical markers

EARTH is made habitable thanks to its constantly changing physical, chemical and biological cycles. Although the balance between different components of these processes has changed throughout our planets history, the result has been a moderate environment, with no extremes of temperature or aridity, for example unlike Venus or Mars. Life has played a vital part in this evolution, as has plate tectonics. And the key to understanding what is happening now and in the past is to look at the concentrations of a few important substances, recorded in the rocks.

The bestknown of these cycles is the carbon cycle. Carbon exists in longchamp bags outlet online the atmosphere mai longchamp bags outlet online nly as a blanket of carbon dioxide CO2, which keeps the planet warm enough for life as do methane and the other greenhouse gases see Inside Science No. 92. But you also find carbon in the sea, on land and in rocks, different locations that are . longchamp bags outlet online