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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

isabel marant jackets isabel marant jackets Daily Telegraph Andrew Bolt Blog

A new term was coined on ABC Radio 720 in Perth today by their media commentator Andrew Williams to a Conroy. The context was that Senator Conroy had promised that a certain proportion of AFL games would be telecast free to air, but then did nothing further. He then went on to say that Conroy had form in this area making grandiose promises that come to nothing. So there we go from the ABC of all places when a politician makes a promise that you know they have no intention of fulfilling, they have a Conroy

What happening in Brazil? A revolution. Over 230k people took to the streets since 10th June and everyday the protests are getting bigger the overwhelmingly pacific protests start over an increase on public transport isabel marant jackets tariffs but became more of a political event in which the people are demanding transparency and the end of Corruption by ALL political parties.

As the 5th economy in the world which is actually growing healthily Brazil needs to keep going, especially because there a return of inflation and But there a background of increasing inflation and corrupt actions within Parliament. The Brazilian people took a leaf out of Turkey and decided to go to the streets in its hundreds of thousands it worth keeping an eye on it.

We are having protests in Sydney and Brisbane where ex isabel marant jackets pats will be able to protest in support of Brazilians in Brazil fighting against State corruption which in Brazil is off the charts!

My tip is more encouragement for you to continue the good work. Try to ignore the reflexive naysayers who criticize everything. They are like the Monty Python sketch about the place you go for an argument.

As the John Cleese character says in the sketch, an argument is isabel marant jackets stating a reasoned position and being able to defend that position. It is not the automatic, thoughtless naysaying of the ignorant who are too lazy to start a blog themselves but prefer to stick their beaks into a place where they offer nothing.

The UK tried austerity and got a tripledip recession as a result. Spain tried austerity and has over 25% unemployment truly depression levels. Spain, it deserves repeating, ran budget surpluses prior to the GFC.

So, let there be no misunderstanding the coalition will deliberately be causing unemployment should they pursue savage cuts in public spending.

Any increase in unemployment under a potential Abbott government will be his direct responsibility. The manic obsession with austerity is driven by a desire to shovel more cash to the wealthy, dressed up of course in IPAesque arguments about responsibility

Let those who pursue these reckless policies be judged by them.

those who pursue these reckless policies be judged by them Steiner, shall we apply that to known outcomes of the the Rudd/Gillard government policies first, before imagining what might happen under any proposed LNP policies?

We be here all day, and still not have gotten to the end of the list of failed policies and stillborn thoughtbubbles that this government has produced.

CONFIDENTIAL political polling conducted for the ACTU has confirmed Labor is facing huge swings in a raft of ALP seats, results described by leading union officials as and for Julia Gillard ACTUcommissioned polling conducted in recent weeks predicts sitting Labor MPs in Wakefield in South Australia, Petrie in Queensland and Chifley in NSW would lose their seats on the back of doubledigit swings against them.

Union officials told The Australian that Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis was also facing defeat, with the polling showing an 8.5 per cent swing against Labor in her seat of Adelaide, leaving her at 49 per cent to 51 per cent on a twopartypreferred basis.

In Petrie, the polling found an 18 per cent swing against Labor Yvette D which would translate into a twopartypreferred vote of just 34.5 per cent for the ALP.

In Wakefield, the polling showed a 16 per cent swing against Labor Nick Champion, projecting a twopartypreferred result of 44 per cent to 56 per cent. The polling found Labor Ed Husic facing a 14.7 per cent swing against him in Chifley, leaving him trailing 47 per cent to 53 per cent on a twopartypreferred basis.

In Fremantle, the polling showed a 4.7 swing against Labor Melissa Parke, predicting she would narrowly hold her seat, in twopartypreferred terms, 51 per cent to 49 per cent.

Despite the ACTU leadership support for Ms Gillard, Labor MPs have confirmed that the powerful Australian Workers Union and Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, which have strong influence over a number of MPs, are not binding them to vote for the ACTU candidate in a leadership ballot ACTU polling has confirmed published polling showing Labor primary vote support is about 30 per cent and, given a predicted twoparty preferred swing nationally against the ALP, more than 30 seats would be lost.

Another link to an argument that makes barley any real attempt to substantiate itself should remember that life is possible on our planet because of our atmosphere.

And if we removed all the greenhouse gasses we would be a frozen rock in space.

The reverse, logically and scientifically, is also true if we continue to change our planet atmosphere by increasing greenhouse gases we will change our planet climate.

We have an opportunity to take measured and sensible action to stabilize the changes in our atmosphere.

But instead we have a rabal of illinformed deniers doing there best to create doubt in the community. Untethered by the need to provide new rules of atmospheric physics their contribution has been nothing other than to stall meaningful and easeful progress.

After this Feral electiom is over, the new leader will also have to address the ferals in the community. Teens attacking passengers on the trains, shootings in Sydney/Gold Coast, stand over merchants in shopping centres, punch drunk drunks/addicts. The opposition may talk about deportion non citizens, but the problem is bigger than that. Born and b red Australians also need to be taught that we expect a culture of decency, respect, inclusiveness and equality, not intimidation and practices which are predatory and socoal abuses .

The feral behaviour of parliament has to stop first. I also fully agree with you that if the offenders are immigrants/refugees they must be deported and locals must get sentences that will deter not encourage. isabel marant jackets