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isabel marant high top

Published: Tuesday 27 August, 2013

isabel marant high top isabel marant high top Designers Create PhotoBioRea isabel marant high top ctor Sculpture

A photobioreactor is a system that is either a closed or semiclosed system that has both light and nutrients supplied to it in an effort to maximize algal biomass. The nutrients are provided through pollutants thus allowing the sculpture to facilitate bioremediation, which allows an environment that isabel marant high top has been contaminated to return to its original state. And ye isabel marant high top s, a photobioreactor can also utilize carbon dioxide to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

According to the designers, the bioreactor towers are attached to a machine that is designed to harvest and extract the algae biomass. As a result, the algae can be used to produce biodiesel, which could be used to run machinery or vehicles that maintain the park in which the sculpture is located.

It is not difficult to see that these photobioreactor sculptures could deliver an artistic and eye catching feature to a park. They are made using an aluminum carriage that has a continuous spiraling tube cascading from the peak to the bottom of the sculpture. Other greentech could add many artistic touches, such as solarpowered lights. isabel marant high top

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