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Published: Thursday 08 August, 2013

isabel marant cheap isabel marant cheap ´╗┐Corporate Laws Against Environmental Regulation

The American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC is a group that writes procorporate model bills at the request of major industries, which are then introduced by lawmakers usually Republicans in state legislatures.

On Friday, after pressure from various watchdog groups, ALEC published a list of over 100 of their model bills. These include numerous measures opposing the EPAs regulations on environmental pollution and greenhouse gases, and bills in support of fracking, altering the Endangered Species Act, and cutting government workers pay.

Although opposition to ALEC comes mainly from the left, some of the bills would create laws that liberals might support and Republicans oppose. For instance the Electronic Home Detection Act might reduce incarceration rates by allowing the courts to sentence low risk, nonviolent offenders to participate in an electronic home detention program.

The problem with ALECs bills is that theyve been written at the behest of unknown industry players. Watchdog groups will continue to pressure ALEC to reveal the identities of the companies who requested each bill. Were pleased that after decades of secretly manipulating thousands of elected officials, the corporate bill mill known as ALEC has decided to share some of its secrets, the groups said in a joint statement. But ALEC continues to hide from the public the identities of the corporations whose representatives wrote and voted on those bills at its meetings.

You can see the full list of model bills here.

Two major concerns with ALEC

If allowed to continue ultimately ALEC will either become the fourth branch of the United States government, or it will eliminate the need and existence of Congress.

I prefer BOSE speakers especially the noise canceling speakers that cover the ears. BOSE and all other companies that made stuff I bought and are known members of ALEC are now on my Permanent Boycott List. Coca Cola Classic was by far my favorite carbonated drink. It seems like Coca Cola left ALEC, yet I will never buy another Coke product. All of those items that I bought and enjoyed made by ALEC supporters that I will never buy and enjoy again what a shame

We definitely need to reign in the EPA they are killing jobs with over regulation especially in the coal industry where hundreds of good paying jobs are being lost every month. We need to become energy independent and stop giving away our money to Saudi Arabia and other countrys that hate us. What really needs to happen is we need to put a muzzle on the Sierra Club and everyone like them because there the ones thats going to help bring this country to its knees.

The EPA was started in 1970 under Nixon for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. Since then it has gr isabel marant cheap own to 17,359 employees 2011 with an annual $8.682 billion budget 2011. While this agency has grown by leaps and bounds it has killed jobs in the USA, regulated everything from the gas in your car as well as they engine and exhaust system, to your toilets and light bulbs all in the name of protecting us. I for one think its time to cut their funding, budget, staff, employees by about 50% a year until common sense and jobs come back to the Country. With this overhaul a lot of the BS will also be a thing of the past.

The lack of Corporate Responsibility for the Environment and Ecology will destroy this planet if we do not start to do something to help it. We really need to learn that the main interest of the Corporation is Money/Greed. Global Warming isabel marant cheap is just one problem we now have to contend with. If we continue to stick our heads in the sand and ignore what is going on around us, it will be way too late to reverse the problems in our lifetime. What we are isabel marant cheap allowing to happen by our disinterest will leave nothing but a parched desolate ruin of a planet for our future children to grow up in. isabel marant cheap