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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

handbags wholesale handbags wholesale die laughing from N20

Dozens of young revellers at t handbags wholesale he Ocean Rooms nightspot in Brighton, East Sussex, were secretly filmed queuing up to buy N20filled balloons for 2 a time in a dedicated gas room.

The shortlived hit they give is said to increase sex drive and gives a general feeling of euphoria that can make the user laugh.

But last year Daniel Watts, 23, was found dead at his home in Birmingham next to a cylinder of N20.

An inquest heard he suffocated by excessive inhalation of the drug.

N20 can cause BRAIN DAMAGE by starving it of oxygen. It can also poison the central nervous system and suppress bone marrow growth.

But it is not illegal to possess N20 canisters and clubbers seem unaware of the dangers. Student Simon Oxenham told Sky News that he had inhaled the drug several times.

He said: I didnt even think of it as taking a drug. It was just like having a shot at a bar.

Several other nightclubs across Britain have laughing rooms or gas rooms where hippy crack is available.

But now the watchdog Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency MHRA warns it will take illegal suppliers to court. We expect most venues, once they get this warning, to withdraw this gas from public consumption.

Mick Deats, head of enforcement and intelligence at the MHRA, added: A website selling nitrous oxide has been brought to our attention.

And we are investigating any possible breaches of the Medicines Act.

One source of the illegal trade is misuse of whipped cream dispensers. Nitrous oxide is found in these canisters and they are modified for personal use.

The problem is so big that Cream Supplies Europes largest retailer of soda and creammaking equipment warns on its website: We will refuse to sell if we suspect you intend to misuse the N20 gas.

Due to an increase in these incidents we will now not ship to university halls of residence.

Laughing gas was invented by English chemist Joseph Priestley in 1775 and became a popular anaesthetic.

It is commonly referred to as handbags wholesale gas and air in maternity delivery units.

It can cause dizziness and slight hallucinations and it also produces greenhouse gases.

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