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Published: Sunday 08 September, 2013

cheap michael kors watches on sale cheap michael kors watches on sale 200 million TVA nuclear contract Knoxville News Sentinel

Westinghouse, the original manufacturer of the two pressurizedwater reactors at Watts Bar, will upgrade and replace most instrumentation and control systems, supply new reactor coolant pumps, perform steam generator services, replace and upgrade cranes and perform other engineering and licensing services.

Construction of Unit 2 was halted in 1985, but last year, TVAs board of directors voted to finish the reactor at the plant in Spring City, Tenn. The project is expected to last five years, cost $2.49 billion and employ 2,300 engineers and craftsmen at its peak.

TVA already has awarded a contract worth up to $1 billion to Bechtel Power Corp. to lead engineering, procurement and construction work at Unit 2.

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In addition, the federal utility has inked a $172 million order with Siemens Power Generation for the reactor units electricitygenerating turbines and other components, and a $60 million contract with Bartlett Holdings for staff augmentation contractors at Watts Bar.

Why bother reading S. David Freemans book? While not acting alone, he is partly responsible for TVAs not finishing Unit 2 in 1985when it was neededinstead of having to complete Unit 2 now at a cost several times higher than the cost would have been in 1985 and when TVA had staff and contractors in place to do the job. Earlier decisions by prior TVA Boards to build Watts Bar Units 1 and 2, as well as other nuclear units throughout the Valley were well thought out and correct. This has been proven in recent years by the growth in the demand in the Valley for electricity and the need for cleaner burning fuels for power plants. Nuclear power plants meet the requirements for cleaner air and reductions in greenhouse gases. We should applaude TVAs decision to complete Watts Bar Unit 2, and hope it looks favorably at restarting construction on others of its unfinishd and abandoned nuclear plants.

Furthermore, growth in the demand in the Valley for electricity and the need for cleaner burning fuels for power plants does not prove Nuclear power is the best option. Might as well tell a nicotine addict his best option is to take up cigarette smoking . Youre basing your argument on opinions of older, even less informed board members who knew less about Nuclear power dangers than those in the 80s, let alone today. What if there were options other than Nuclear that also met requirements for cleaner air and reductions in greenhouse gasses but didnt require added resources for volatile radiation storage radiation NEVER g cheap michael kors watches on sale oes away and security expense??

My, there is no limit to the political views against a electric plant that does not release any CO2 to warm up the planet. But that is another argument and we wouldnt want to consider all factors would we. The only real problem I have is if Solar Dave didnt fight against the finish cheap michael kors watches on sale of the plant in the 1980s then we would have the extra power already and a significant saving. Also, ramming a plane into a reator building is a lot different than say the tall office buiding. But then, none of the comments above indicate any techinal knowledge anyway.

InMyBlood missed my point. He is correct that David Freeman did NOT support nuclear power production. Dave Freeman was incorrect, as is InMyBlood on his many negative viewpoints about the safety, security and need for nuclear power production of electricity. IMB needs to do more research into the valid aspects of nuclear power production in the 21st Century. David Freeman also had other agenda about things that did not support the interests of TVA or the best interests of the people of the Tennessee Valley. cheap michael kors watches on sale