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Published: Thursday 15 August, 2013

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Raf Sanchez and Nick Allen,Edward Snowden, the bespectacled former CIA computer specialist whose leaks of classified data have rocke cheap handbags and purses d the American government, appears to be a grey man.

However, it emerged Tuesday that the 29yearold shared his life with a woman of fiery colour, a vivacious poledancer whose used her personal blog to detail their Hawaiian life.

Lindsay Mills photographed herself stripped to her underwear and staring at a wooden globe as she described her devastation over her partners choice to go on the run. Leaving me lost at sea without a compass, the 28 yearold wrote. As I type this on my tearstreaked keyboard Im reflecting on all the faces that have graced my path . But sometimes lif cheap handbags and purses e doesnt afford proper goodbyes.

Snowden, the former spy last seen in Hong Kong before going to ground, makes only occasional appearances in the dozens of blog posts, where she refers to him as E and her man of mystery.

Millss whereabouts is also unknown and there was no sign of her at the threebedroom home the pair once rented in Waipahu, a few miles from Pearl Harbor.

They are believed to have moved out on May 1 after Snowden told her he would be away for several weeks but was vague about the reason. He was in fact heading to Hong Kong, a city they once visited together, to expose the secrets of the government he once served.

On June 7, as the leaks began but before Snowden was publicly revealed as their source, Mills described herself as sick, exhausted and carrying the weight of the world.

Millss blog, subtitled Adventures of a worldtravelling, poledancing superhero, details her interest in aerial dancing and acrobatics and include dozens of selfportraits. The blog appeared to have been taken down and was inaccessible last night. In one photograph, she and Snowden appear to be laughing under a waterfall. In another, she stands in her underwear over a male friend, who is handcuffed and kneeling in submission, and feeds him a biscuit.

She makes no explicit political references but once posted a picture of a woman in a V for Vendetta mask, a popular symbol among antigovernment libertarians. All th cheap handbags and purses ey want is our souls, she wrote under the picture.

Mills is not believed to have known of her boyfriends plans in Hong Kong. In an interview, Snowden told The Guardian: The only thing I fear is the harmful effects on my family, who I wont be able to help any more.

The couple met in Maryland and acquaintances said they had seen the two together up to 10 years ago, while Mills was a student at Maryland Institute College of Art. cheap handbags and purses