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Published: Saturday 24 August, 2013

buy sneakers online buy sneakers online Answers on Climate Change

Climate Change: If the pace of global warming continues exponentially, what is the likelihood that the earth may end up like Mars, which is now dry, but at one t buy sneakers online ime had large flows of water?

I believe close to zero.

The waterlessness of Mars is a result of a lack of atmosphere, not the excess of it. Solar radiation stripped an early Mars of it already thin atmosphere, and it surface liquid water evaporated without this protective shell.

The situation is very different on earth. Our burning of fossil fuels ann buy sneakers online ually releases billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, increasing the thickness of the earth atmosphere, one of the effects of which is that we end up retaining a great deal more of the sun solar energy than we had previously.

From the planet point of view, Earth is getting increasingly from solar radiation as the result of this thickening atmosphere. From the point of view of the lifeforms on it, we are making a pressure cooker in which we will all eventually be boiled.

In short, if we continue on our present course, we much more likely to end up like Venus, rather than Mars

Climate Change: What can we do if atmospheric carbon dioxide levels pass the point of no return?

We would probably survive as a species, but the civilizations that we have produced within the historical record would almost certainly collapse. Eric Nelson is correct in the sense homo sapiens have in the past survived traumatic buy sneakers online climate change but they did so primarily through the mobility afforded by a touch hunter gatherer lifestyle.

Our situation now is very different: the vast majority of the world population are sedentary, and dependent on agriculture, and increasingly live in urban centers which in turn are entirely dependent on robust transport infrastructure, the predictable distribution of energy and resources, and guaranteed security afforded by the complex social organization of the modern state.

This complex social organization would collapse, and this is what we might not survive the collapse of society, the subsequent conflict for resources, the likely dispersal of weapons of mass destruction, the wholesale abandonment of enlightenment social values.

We would try to move again, but we forgotten how to hunt, and there is nothing at all left gather. Instead, we would be forced to take from others, pillage and steal until there is only one winner or the population rebalances to the carrying capacity of the new environment, whichever comes sooner. For sure, as a species we survive. Just not that many of us. buy sneakers online