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Published: Friday 27 September, 2013

black longchamp le pliage large black longchamp le pliage large Global warming a burden for developed countries

With a juggernaut economy and a consumer carbuying frenzy, China is expected to soon surpass the United States as the worlds biggest emitter of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali.Staking out ground ahead of that meeting, officials with Chinas national weather agency and the Foreign Ministry unveiled a televisio black longchamp le pliage large n documentary on climate change and outlined government efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, they struck an uncompromising note, saying that success at Bali depends chiefly on richer countries.The key point is to have developed countries continue to fulfill their obligations to reduce their gas emissions after 2012, Foreign Ministry official Song Dong said at a news conference.The Bali meeting is to lay the groundwork for a successor agreement to the current climatechange treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Kyoto set emissions targets for developed countries while exempting developing ones.The United States rejected Kyoto, saying it puts richer countries at a competitive disadvantage, and has called for a new agreement to include China and all other p black longchamp le pliage large olluters.In recent months, China has hoped to rally other emerging nations to its side, arguing that binding limits will harm their countries economic growth, hampering efforts to reduce poverty.A parade of Chinese officials has emphasized the historic responsibility of richer countries whose coal and oilfired development over the past 300 years has produced the greenhouse gases that have warmed the planet.At Thursdays event, the Foreign Ministrys Song said developed countries should reduce their per capita emissions to the levels of developing countries.While the report does not commit governments to specific action, it provides agreed scientific information on global warming and is intended as a guide for the Ba black longchamp le pliage large li meeting.Luo Yong, the deputy director of the national climate center at the China Meteorological Administration, praised the report and said China was experiencing the impact of global warming. He said that the level of Chinas six main rivers has fallen in the last 50 years, in part because of rising temperatures. black longchamp le pliage large