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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

bags on sales bags on sales Edward Snowdens whereabouts unknown

MOSCOW An Aeroflot flight bound for bags on sales Havana that was expected to be carrying Edward Snowden and an associate reportedly took off from Moscows Sheremetyevo Airport on Monday afternoon without the two on board, leaving the whereabouts bags on sales of the former National Security Agency contractor wanted on espionage charges a mystery.

As the plane started to roll across the tarmac for its takeoff after some delay, a correspondent for the Russian television news network Rossiya24 who was on board the flight, bags on sales reported that there was no sign of Snowden on board.

I have looked over all of the plane and found no passengers answering Edward Snowdens description, Yevgeny Popov said in a report from the plane shortly before takeoff. All the journalists on board are disappointed.

We know that until the last moment Snowden was locked in consultations with two Ecuadorian diplomats in the transit zone of the airport, undecided whether he should fly today Monday or change the booking for a later date, the official told The Times on condition of anonymity.

Snowden flew from Hong Kong to Moscow under the cover of darkness on Sunday. He is believed to be seeking asylum in Ecuador. bags on sales