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Published: Friday 23 August, 2013

winter wear online winter wear online Eco bag is an

Campaigners said Sainsburys green credentials had been damaged. But the company hit back, saying the bags had not been flown from China, to reduce the environmental impact.

And it said it had bought carbon credits a worldwide industrial scheme to reduce greenhouse gases. A spokesman added: Our intention was to create a reusable bag that eliminated winter wear online plastic bags.

The 5 accessory was created by designer Anya Hindmarch with the We Are What We Do movement to help cut the number of plastic carriers used in Britain.

It comes with a blue tag explaining it offers an alternative to bags that have a negative impact on the environment.

Fashionistas have been desperate to get one after celebrities including Keira Knightley were spotted carrying them.

They have winter wear online been selling for 100 and more on eBay.

But Martin Hearson of pressure group Lets Clean Up Fashion, said: There is an incompatibility in claiming a product is ethical and manufacturing it in China.

Workers in the garment industry there are typically paid 20p to 30p an hour.

And Malcolm Bruce, chairman of the international development select committee, said: This tarnishes Sainsburys image as a company that supports fair trade.

Sainsburys refused to comment on which factory made the bag. But the spokesman said: It has been visited to ensure high standards of ethical trading.

And Anyas spokeswoman said: We have just tried to use our influence to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags.

A TOWN in Devon became the first to BAN all plastic bags in every shop.

Shoppers in Modbury will be given either reusable cotton Modbury Bag For Life or carriers made of biodegradable cornstarch.

Butcher Simon Wilkinson, 37, said: In Devon you see the damage done by plastic bags to marine life.

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