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Published: Sunday 18 August, 2013

shop clothing online shop clothing online Edward Snowden Exposes Our False Choices

Every four years or so we are inundated with the usual cant from both sides about this election being the most important of our lifetime. throw everything they have into the election of one man, either a Democrat or a Republican, It becomes personal, and that spills over to the actual performance. we are brainwashed every year that our guy was a saint or their guy is evil, we seem no longer to be able to turn it off. continue to funnel our political identities through one person, whoever the president of the United States is, for good or bad. as we continue to divide ourselves along presidential lines, we begin to seen hypocrisy and ignorance in our political parties.

For the most part, our parties have been able to convince us what we are. me, we have been defined by social issues over the last forty years. is where the real differences emerge on abortion, guns, gay marriage, and various other values. is these issues that are most used to mobilize the base and divide us both during elections and afterwards. behind these things that will never really get solved but make for great mailers, we have seen a different fault line emerge. have been sensing for awhile now that the real di shop clothing online vide in our politics isn necessarily right versus left, but rather inside versus outside. more has this come to the forefront than with the Edward Snowden case. we have seen is, finally, a real exposure of the differences in our politics and the failure of both political parties for the last 25 years to protect our freedom and liberty. the political parties and in the government is a class of itself. is made up of professional bureaucrats, officials who are constantly appointed in each successive administration, and pliable politicians who shop clothing online crave power more than protecting us. from Dick Cheney to James Comey to Steny Hoyer are all decrying what Snowden did. to the people who love liberty and want to protect it, people like Rand Paul and Ron Wyden, its not how Snowden blew the whistle but what he is actually saying. facts are, frankly, outrageous. are seeing John McCain frothing at the mouth, Nancy Pelosi being booed at a Netroots convention, we are seeing things we aren accustomed to see. is a reason for that. political leaders, those who stir our passions to get our vote on promises that are lies, care more of power and knowing things we don know. we know what is actually going on, they aren as important as they once were and not really useful. notice that the higher ranked the person is, the more power the shop clothing online y wield, the more likely they are to attack Edward Snowden and do some chestpounding. on the outside, still with their principles close to their vest, understand the nuance of what is happening hear. McCains and Pelosis of the world will rage Snowden himself and we will begin to see stories emerge that make him look bad. want to vilify him, discredit him, so we won remember what he said.

But its what he said that is so important and what these bipartisan elites want us to forget. Obama, when he was a senator, would have been one of the good guys on this issue. power corrups, and if he hasn been corrupted he surrounding by people who are and are pushing him further and further down this road. we move forward, lets all of us Republicans and Democrats pay attention to how our candidates answer these revelations. shop clothing online