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Published: Monday 12 August, 2013

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who says he has control of a lot of nations secrets tonight. Edward snowden , the 29yearold whistle blow behind that massive intelligence breach at the nsa . At any time he says hes a target and on the move, hidden behind closed doors, shrouded in mystery and drama. Brian ross has the latest on who he is and what else he has. Brian. Reporter: As fbi agents are scrambling to find him there are reports hes preparing to make public even more of the nations most closely guarded secrets. Until he checked out some time today, edward snowden has been holed up in luxury for three weeks in hong kong. By his own account, every meal came from room service,

know about the surveillance and collections their government is carrying out. The nsa specifically targets the communications of everyone. It ingests them by default. Reporter: Snowden was never under suspicion until he disappeared from his

secret resume for someone who dropped out of high school. Starting with nsa security guard, followed by a brief failed attempt to become a special forces soldier. Then a huge jump, a cia spy in switzerland working with computers. Then four years as a civilian contractor working with computers at the nsa in japan, washington and hawaii where he says he decided to blow the whistle on what he calls the abuse of the

mr. Snowden appropriately. Reporter: Its a reallife version of wheres waldo. The nsa and cia contract employ fleeing to hong kong a month ago, then russia this weekend. I feel like every countrys going, hot

post, he specifically took the job through contractor booz allen at the nsa in hawaii, to get access to the nsas activities around the world. He spoke to glenn greenwald , saying more information is about to come out. Lets get more on the fallout from abcs jon karl at the white house.

be holding a lot more secrets. His last post was at the nsa , the national security agency facility in hawaii that is a hub for american spying and computer hacking on china and north korea

damage to national security. Great harm has already been done by opening this up. Our security is

no way to do that. Reporter: Even so the head of the nsa acknowledged he was stunned that a 29yearold analyst who dropped out of high school in his sophomore year could have access to so many top secret documents. I have grave concerns over that. The access that he had, the process that we did. And abroad. Brian ross

To the latest on edward snowden , hiding out in hong hong, making explosive new charges as the head of the nsa defends the program to congress saying it prevented dozens of terrorists attacks. Snowden carefully choreographing the rollout of the disclosures and one

snowden may be holding nor secrets. His last post was in the nsa facility in hawaii, that is a hub for american spying and computer hacking on targets in china and north korea and hong kong. We dont know who the targets are, if that ever comes out, then there will be some serious damage to national security. Great harms already been done by opening this up. Reporter: Snowden grew up in the shadows was nsa h shop cloth online eadquarters in suburban maryland and overnight a new aspect of his complicated personality came through as seen in postings on a graphic arts website. A young rebel who dropped out of high school as a sophomore and tried modeling. The public education system turned its wretched, spiked back on me, he wrote on a blog. Yet even without formal education snowden was able to rise rapidly in the intelligence community because of technical skills and officials at the nsa say theyre still at a loss to find out how he got his hands on so many top secrete. He had four

a former cia technician, who currently is a civilian contractor with the nsa in hawaii. When you see everything, you see them on a more frequent basis. And you recognize that some of these things are actually abuses. Reporter: Snowden revealed himself and his motivation sunday afternoon in this interview, posted online by the guardian newspaper, conducted by columnist glenn greenwald in hong kong. This is the truth. This is whats happening. You should decide if we should be doing this. Reporter: Snowden said he saw firsthand and became increasingly concerned about the reach of the nsas surveillance of innocent americans. Even if youre doing nothing wrong, youre being watched and recorded. Reporter: Thats why he said he chose

america had spied on its own allies. The latest bomb shell from edward snowden . His secrets are sending shock waves all over the world and now his own father is pleading with him to stop. Abcs chief investigative correspondent brian ross starts us off with the latest. Reporter: Reporter: This latest leak in edward snowdens campaign seems carefully timed for maximum embarrassment and outrage as the meeting of world leaders in northern ireland, the socalled g8. Snowden gave the guardian newspaper top secret documents revealing how the british government spied on diplomatic targets from all nations and their smartphones at a similar meeting of world leaders in 2009. The guardian said other documents from snowden show that at the same meeting four years ago, the nsa intercepted communications from russian president medvedev shortly after he met with president obama. No good can come of his revelati revelations. But

that they had hacked computer systems in hong kong. He said the nsa hacks chinese companies to steal sms data. Is that true? We have interest in those who collect on us as an intelligence

laws we have. We have a set of laws that guide h shop cloth online ow nsa acts. We follow those laws. We have tremendous oversight by all three portions of the government. The courts, congress, and the administration. Person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls. I understand under the 215 program you dont listen to the phone calls. But is that statement correct? I would assume that if an nsa analyst is tracking someone in cuba or overseas, youre going to listen to the phone call, correct? Youre asking a different set of questions. Let me put first of all, the prime directive on the table. The law makes it clear. Persons communicat shop cloth online ions anywhere in the world, nsa requiring probable cause and a court order, a specific court order. If were targeting outside the united states a terrorist, and happen shop cloth online