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Published: Tuesday 23 July, 2013

shoes buy online shoes buy online Did global warming talks accomplish anything

So far, 140 countries have signed the accord, though it is nonbinding. The report looks at what might happen if the countries fulfill only their more modest pledges or if they fulfill their most aggressive pledges.

Under this second, bestcase scenario, emissions of greenhouse gases could drop 7 billion tons a year by 2020 compared with business as usual.

The difference could be made up through with existing technologies, they estimate. Those technologies, however, would have to be ramped up more aggressively than the Copenhagen Accord envisions.

Keeping climate change within manageable limits is doable, but the window for costeffective action is narrowing with each year of delay, says Amy Fraenkel, who heads the UN shoes buy online Environment Programs UNEP regional office for North America.

Since the Copenhagen talks, many countries have settled on the goal of holding current episode of global warming underway for more than a century to an increase of around 2 degrees Celsius 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. Some developing countries have argued for a 1.5degree target, but the report sees that goal as unrealistic.

To put the climate on the path to the 2 degrees C goal, worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases would need to fall to 44 billion tons a year by 2020. The report found that:

If nothing is done the business as usual scenario economies around the world would pump 56 billion tons a year of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in 2020.

If only the moremodest pledges in the Copenhagen Accord hold sway, the report projects that emissions be about 53 billion tons a year by 2020.

If countries meet their mostaggressive pledges and apply rigorous and transparent accounting rules, emissions could fall to 49 billion tons a year by 2020.

Even if the most aggressive pledges in the Copenhagen Accord are all accomplished by 2020, that would still put t shoes buy online he climate on track for an average temperature increase of 2.5 to 5 degrees C over preindustrial levels by 2100, according to the study.

Moreover, the calculations for the mostaggressive pledges hinge on actions that might not materialize. The US Congress, for example, has all but killed any effort to pass comprehensive capandtrade energy legislation.

Another challenge is that even if countries were to meet a 2020 goal of cutting emissions to 44 billion tons, additional and much deeper cuts would have to follow by 2050 to maintain the 2degreeC trajectory, the study says.

The UN report is a first attempt at sorting through several different, often conflicting analyses of the Copenhagen Accords potential effect on emissions. There were a lot of different messages coming out of those reports everything from were doomed to were almost there and different explanations for why that was, says UNEPs Ms. Fraenkel.

UNEP coordinated the report, which drew on the efforts of 30 scientists in 25 research institutions in countries ranging from the US and Japan to China and shoes buy online Mexico. At the same time, negotiators will have to develop the transparent accounting rules that would give countries confidence that others are living up to their pledges, he adds. shoes buy online