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Published: Thursday 25 July, 2013

purses by michael kors purses by michael kors Energy Sustainability

It is forecasted that over 30 terawatts 1012 W of new power will be needed globally by 2050. To limit emissions of greenhouse gases and therefore reduce the harmful effects from fossil fuel burning and address resource limitations, the majority of the new power must come from renewable energies. PV solar electric technology is considered one of the top choices for CO2free power production. To address the current and future energy issues, our lab will be part of a team that will develop earth abundant thin film solar cells such as those made from FeS2, CuxS, CuO, Zn3P2, or Cu2ZnSnS4.

The specific role of our lab in this project will be to perform life cycle sustainability analysis LCSA of proposed technologies and compare them to different alternatives. LCSA will be a combined analysis of life cycle costing LCC, environmental life cycle assessment LCA, and social life cycle assessment SLCA. LCSA model will be developed using Bayesian statistics that will allow us to determine the parameter space necessary for most sustainable designs. The PhD fellow will be housed in the department of civil engineering but will be part of a larger team effort involving the disciplines of engineering, physics, materials science, chemi purses by michael kors stry, economics, environmental sciences, social science, and education. The applicant will spend 80 % of their time on environmental engineering aspect of the project focusing on development of life cycle assessment models for FeS2, CuxS, CuO, Zn3P2, and Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells. The candidates life cycle sustainability analysis work will involve devel purses by michael kors opment of scenarios; estimation purses by michael kors of economic, social, and environmental life cycle impacts; and iterative revision of scenarios using Bayesian statistics and Structured Equation Modeling SEM. The applicant will spend the remaining 20 % of their time working on interdisciplinary aspects of the project and will also be interacting closely with other six SEP PhD fellows of the project. The selected applicant will be funded with a PhD stipend, tuition waiver, health benefits, and travel support to attend professional conferences.

Desired qualifications for the Civil Engineering SEP PhD Fellow are:

MS degree in civil, environmental, chemical, mechanical engineering or a related field

Extensive experience with computer modeling, preferably involving life cycle assessment and parameter optimization methods A keen interest to learn, research, and outreach on sustainability issues

Prior knowledge on solar energy is also desirable.

Women and minority students are encouraged to apply.

The University of Toledo is a student centered public metropolitan research university with 23,000 students and picturesque campuses recognized nationally for its beauty. The university offers 250 academic programs. With a mission to improve the human condition, the university aims to transform the regional economy and the world through its research, education, and outreach programs. The Department of Civil Engineering has a strong environmental program with multiple ongoing active research projects. The Civil Engineering Department has overall research expenditures of nearly $1 million per year from grants, contracts, and internal allocations. Located in Northwest Ohio, the Toledo metropolitan area has a population of 650,000 and offers many recreational opportunities for students. Here is a partial list for things to do in Toledo area. The university campus is also quite the happening and fun places to be with 200 student organizations, art exhibits, theater performances, athletic games, and renowned speakers. The position is available as of Summer 2013 and applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. Selected applicant will need to submit a formal application with the University of Toledo graduate school prior to starting the position. purses by michael kors