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Published: Tuesday 30 July, 2013

michaels kors bags cheap michaels kors bags cheap A Global Catastrophe Is Coming

Our planet is getting warmer: thats a reality. The last ten years have been the hottest; scientifics have announced that in future it would be warmer. And, as always, human beings are the main responsibles: we exert a direct impact over warming process, also known as greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse effect is an increase of greenhouse gases concentration: carbon dioxide CO2, chlorineflourinecarbonate CFC, methane CH4, nitrogen oxide N2O and troposphere ozone.

In small concentrations these gases are necessary for our survival. Solar energy come in through them, reaches the earth and return as infrared energy. michaels kors bags cheap At that moment greenhouse gases catch them and keep the infrared radiation heat, as a greenhouse.

But in major quantities, the main consequence of greenhouse effect is the atmosphere global warming. And it takes only a slight modification of temperature to break the nature equilibrium.

Sea water will evaporate, in other parts will be torrential rain, floods, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and freezeamong other natural disasters.

According to different scientific studies, supported by ONU, it is estimated that in 2100m average temperature of earth will be between 1,5 and 6 grades higher than in 1980. Temperatures are increasing at global scale, and the recorded 15 hottest years have been since 1980.

This is the main concern of scientifics, because besides all the aforementioned disasters it could be famine and epidemic, ice floes melting, flora and fauna michaels kors bags cheap disappearing and Caribbean Island flooding.

What is worse is that we are c michaels kors bags cheap ollaborating with global warming by using fossil fuel coal, oil and its derivates as paraffin, liquefied gas and benzine, allowing industrial contamination, among others, and forests and wet lands destruction.

It is believed that if temperature continues to elevate, global warming is going to uneven distributed. Continental zones are going to be hottest than sea zones. michaels kors bags cheap