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michael kors outlet online reviews

Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

michael kors outlet online reviews michael kors outlet online reviews Facts and figures

In 2003, the WHO European Region suffered its s michael kors outlet online reviews trongest heatwave ever. Over 70 000 excess deaths were reported from 12 European countries. The elderly are most at risk of death from heatstroke and cardiovascular, renal, respiratory and metabolic disorders.

In 2002, 15 major floods killed 250 people and affected 1 million. Projected climaterelated increases in precipitation are likely to make floods more frequent and severe. Coastal flooding is likely to threaten up to 1.6 million more people every year in the European Union.

Air pollution causes and is worsened by climate change. Transportrelated emissions of manmade greenhouse gases are projected to increase by about 50% in the European Union. Combustion of fuels in the power, transport and household sectors produces, besides carbon dioxide CO2, a wide range of shortlived air pollutants with global warming and cooling effec michael kors outlet online reviews ts. According to the latest statistics, they account, directly or indire michael kors outlet online reviews ctly, for a substantial proportion of global warming, and for the bulk of the direct damage to human health from global energy use.

With climate change, food productivity is projected to decrease in the Mediterranean area, southeastern Europe and central Asia, where food security is at risk. Crop yields could decrease by up to 30% in central Asia by the middle of the 21st century, thus threatening food security. This may lead to a worsening of malnutrition, especially among rural poor people. michael kors outlet online reviews

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