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Published: Monday 09 September, 2013

michael kors online outlet michael kors online outlet ´╗┐Environmental management accounting for an Australian cogeneration company

This research explores whether Environmental Management Accounting can be applied to assist an Australian cogeneration company in improving both its financial performance as well as its environmental performance. Cogeneration or combined heat and power, in this particular case, involves the simultaneous production of heat and electricity using a single fuel, that is, n michael kors online outlet atural gas. The heat generated is then used to produce steam to meet the customers requirements as well as boost the production of electricity. Therefore, cogeneration provides greater efficiencies compared to traditional electricity generation methods because it utilizes heat that would otherwise be wasted. In addition, greenhouse gases emissions can be reduced substantially.

The approach taken in this research is to assess whether an improvement in the energy efficiency of the michael kors online outlet cogeneration plant can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases emissions. An improvement in energy efficiency means that either: less gas is consumed, thus leading to cost savings; or more electricity is generated for the same quantity of gas consumed, which leads to an increase in income and consequently profit.

In addition, a reduction in the quantity of gas consumed or generating as much electricity as possible from a given quantity of gas can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases emissions which means an improvement in the companys environmental performance.

A case study method, which involves an Australian cogeneration company, is adopted because this would provide valuable indepth practical insight into the operations and mechanisms of a company that is involved in combined heat and power generation.

A review of the literature and the evidence collected indicated that a cogeneration plants efficiency can be improved at least back to near the plants designed efficiency. And, further improvements may be achieved by utilizing the latest technology although this involves capital investment. It is also established that an improvement in plant efficiency can reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

This research then concludes that Environmental Management Accounting can help the case study company improve its financial and environmental performances. An Environmental Management Accounting system can provide the physical information that is not available in the existing management accounting system. Physical information such as the physical quantities of gas consumed, electricity and steam produced, and greenhouse gases emitted, can help the company in decisionmaking relating to imp michael kors online outlet roving plant efficiency as well as reducing greenhouse gases emissions. michael kors online outlet