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Published: Friday 13 September, 2013

michael kors hamilton satchel michael kors hamilton satchel 200M funding opportunity for biofuels projects

DOE issued the Funding Opportunity Announcement to support the development of pilot and demonstrationscale biorefineries including the use of feedstocks such as algae and production of advanced biofuels such as biobutanol, green gasoline and other innovative biofuels.

A press statement said the projects will support the Administrations comprehensive energy strategy of michael kors hamilton satchel increasing the nations energy, economic and national security by reducing our reliance on foreign oil, and reducing greenhouse gases.

The s michael kors hamilton satchel entence was odd because it discussed a future initiative of an administration about to end. Or maybe it wasnt so odd, because it is strikingly similar to many other lastditch initiatives coming at the tail end of an eightyear term.

On this initiatives, the letters of intent from competitors are due by Feb. 20 and the completed applications are due April 16. Guess whos going to be manning the Dept. of Energy at that time. Well, itll be a new cast than those running it now.

Fittingly, I suppose, the announcement was made by John michael kors hamilton satchel Mizroch, the acting assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, one of many DOE folks filling positions in an interim role because the political appointees have already vacated the department to look for their new jobs.

Good gracious. Its probably going to cost taxpayers a bundle when the new administration comes in and rescinds these programs and works to redo them in its own way. This repainting of the legacy is getting out of control. michael kors hamilton satchel