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Published: Friday 23 August, 2013

michael kors hamilton large michael kors hamilton large Feds follow Californias global warming lead

California greeted federal government first tentative step toward regulating gases with a collective itsabouttime shrug. While the federal government was asleep at the wheel for years, we in California have known greenhouse gases are a threat to our health and to our environment that why we have taken such aggressive action, said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, noting the promising signs that Washington is moving forward.EPA has been resisting for a decade, and it took a Supreme Court case and a change of administrations for it to change, said Mary D. Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board. The board is implementing a statewide plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions across the California economy by about 15% below today levels.The federal government is putting a stamp of approval on what California is already doing, she said.

Now comes the real test: by June 30, the EPA is to decide whether to allow California to implement its law slash the carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles rules that were upheld by the Bush administration. EPA finding this week buttresses our case, Nichols said.

A climate bill offered by Waxman would impose thousands of new environmental regulations on the entire economy. The bill broadly requires that 25% of US electricity come from wind, solar, geothermal or biomass by 2025. This requires micro management of your lifestyles and businesses with Federal regulations on such things as all home appliances, air conditioning, window and building roof designs, and water utilities. Though, many of these efficiency measures already exist in California Building Codes, these national mandates would compound home and business construction and operating cost michael kors hamilton large s and local government enforcement mandate costs separate and apart from the justproposed carbon capandtrade regulations from EPA.

The EPA has concluded that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are a danger to public health and welfare. EPA says, greenhouse gases linked to climate change endanger public health and welfare. This week, the EPA has taking the first steps to regulate greenhouse gases as air pollutants using a capandtrade system. Such regulations would have widespread economic and social impacts; from requiring more fuel efficient automobiles to limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and industrial sources embedding a carbon tax in all US goods and s michael kors hamilton large ervices.

Pollution controls often impose highly regressive costs according to socioeconomic class. For example, in the early 1990s, the cost burdens of Southern California aggressive air quality management plans were estimated to have a three times greater impact upon the region poorest households than on the wealthiest. Environmentalists dismiss such economic inconveniences by arguing that a better environment helps everyone. The theory of global warming notwithstanding, the adverse health consequences of reduced economic opportunities for the poor vastly outweigh any e michael kors hamilton large nvironmental benefits they may enjoy from, say, marginally cleaner air quality with no predictable climate change controls. US air pollution reduces the average life expectancy by approximately 30 days. Poverty strips away 10 years in life expectancy.

Much news, opinion and hysterics have flooded the media and pop culture with the imperative to do something about global warming and climate change. Nowhere in the rush to regulate green living does a cost/benefit analysis exist. What is clear to even the most casual observer of environmental issues is that to implement massive greenhouse gas regulations during a global economic recession would be disastrous. michael kors hamilton large

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