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Published: Thursday 26 September, 2013

michael kors factory stores michael kors factory stores All the energy needed to supply the population growth in China and India is cause of global warming

I comment on the second part of your question first. The notion that the metal mined to make batteries for hybrid cars has killed the surrounding areas is the result of disingenuous journalism, in particular articles like this one which states:

The nickel for the Prius battery is mined and smelted at a plant in Sudbury, Ontario. This plant has caused so much environmental damage to the surrounding environment that NASA has used the zone around the plant to test moon rovers. The area around the plant is devoid of any life for miles.

First of all, the plant in Sudbury was built in the 1970s and was a horrible polluter until the 1990s, when significant investments were made to clean it up, including the building of a giant Superstack chimney, which spits out about 90% fewer pollutant gases. Today Sudbury is pursuing a regreening plan which has been successful enough to earn the attention of the UN. Environmental damage like this is not ideal, but mining and smelting is a necessarily filthy job some environmental impact is unavoidable. All this cleanup effort was performed before hybrid cars started using nickel batteries. And, I haven seen any reputable c michael kors factory stores onfirmation of the NASA tested moon rovers claim, either, only that NASA tested drills there because Sudbury is geologically interesting.

That said, it incredibly disingenuous to imply that because the hybrid batteries have nickel, and mining/smelting nickel is dirty work, therefore hybrids are horrible polluters. The nickel used in the hybrid batteries is a vanishingly small fraction of the Sudbury nickel plant output. Most nickel goes into stainless steel. To imply that hybrid cars are responsible for killing the surrounding areas around nickel plants is at best misinformed.

On to the coal question.

But its a mistake to think that because China is dwarfing our green efforts that those efforts are therefore wasted. If w michael kors factory stores e do nothing, the problem gets even worse. All this means is that we need to address environmental problems globally. We need to engage other countries to reduce their environmental impact in ways that shortterm plans like Kyoto failed to. A worldwide fuel bank for closedcycle nuclear fuel production that encourages the use of clean nuclear plants instead of coal plants is one way to do it.

Ultimately, the choice to do something instead of nothing is always going to be beneficial. At least China is not afraid to recognize the threat of global warming, even if their prescribed solutions so far are fairly impotentsounding discouraging the use of air conditioning to conserve energy, for instance. We all need to set a standard and example for environmental consciousness, even if the guy down the street produces 3 pounds of carbon for every 1 pound you conserve.

Economic growth in high population countries is definitely a factor in the acceleration of greenhouse emissions. However, the vast majority of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is due to America and Europe over the past 100 years since the industrial revolution. America is still the biggest producer of greenhouse gas and is predicted to be that way for at least the next 10 years. So, China and India are responsible for most of the growth in greenhouse gas emissions not the full amount of those emissions. The reality is that we CAN make a difference because we are the biggest polluters. That difference may be swallowed up as the world becomes richer but that is not an excuse to do nothing

While we should encourage China and India to invest in clean power generation equipment now because it will be cheaper in the long run, in my opinion, the onus is on the creators of the vast majority of the pollutants to take the lead in cleaning them up.

Yes, China is building a ton of new coal fired power plants. But China is also leading the world in the development of clean coalgasification and coalliquification technologies.

If you believe that global warming is happening and I dont think there is anybody left denying this and you believe that pollution contributes to it there is some debate here, but less and less each year, then we have to start m michael kors factory stores aking changes now. If for no other reason then BECAUSE China and India are booming and as their standards of living rise, their energy consumption and pollution will rise, as well. If we dont make our changes soon, its going to be that much worse each year we wait. You have to start somewhere. michael kors factory stores