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Published: Sunday 08 September, 2013

isabel marant outlet sneakers isabel marant outlet sneakers Cutting greenhouses gases from food

In the simplest terms, the Cool Farm Tool is a greenhouse gas GHG calculator for farmers to measure and map their emissions. Commissioned by Unilever in 2007 and administered by the Sustainable Food Lab, the tool relies on the science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC 2007 report.

Its as precise as possible while still being easy to use, says Ingersoll. And its specific to the farmer, which is what makes the calculator so powerful. Its not a black box. It allows the individual to instantly test scenarios for mitigating his emissions.

When we think of greenhouse gases, we think carbon dioxide. But there are actually three major greenhouse gases, and several others that are important but not closely tied to agriculture. The second is methane with 23 times the impact per kil isabel marant outlet sneakers ogram compared to CO2. Methane is a common agriculture output: you find it emitted from ruminants like cows and from manure. The third, nitrous oxide has 296 times isabel marant outlet sneakers the impact of CO2 and is emitted from soil tillage practices and through excess chemical fertilizer use.

So when experts talk about the havoc wreaked by Big Ag practices such as factory farm lagoons, they are at least in part nodding to these second and third GHGs. The calculations are built into a tool housed in Excel. It takes just about half an hour for a farmer to enter his/her specific data, if data is well managed. The Cool Farm Tool gives instant results.

Its an ongoing educational tool for all of us. For the farmer, it often reveals ways to reduce emissions that can save money as well. So its not only about preregulating themselves. It can actually help their businesses.

Cool Farm Tool technology is explicitly precompetitive, meaning that no one farm or sponsor org isabel marant outlet sneakers anization is allowed to use it exclusively. In fact, a number of major brand name corporations have already backed the Tool, currently in use in fourteen countries. isabel marant outlet sneakers

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