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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

isabel marant online uk isabel marant online uk Dams new global warming culprits

American researchers have found that fluctuating water isabel marant online uk levels in dams and reservoirs emit large amount of greenhouse gases, the main culprits of global warming.

Researchers at Washington State UniversityVancouver have documented the emission of greenhouse gases such as methane, as water levels go up and down in dams and reservoirs.

Methane is 25 times more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. And while dams and the water behind them cover only a small portion of the earth surface, they harbour biological activity that can produce large amounts of greenhouse gases.

have typically been looked at as a green energy source. But their role in greenhouse gas emissions has been overlooked, rese isabel marant online uk archer at Washington State University Bridget Deemer said.

Researchers measured dissolved gases in the water column of Lacamas Lake in Clark County and found methane emissions jumped 20fold when the water level was drawn down. They also sampled bubbles rising from the lake mud and measured a 36fold increase in methane during a drawdown.

This is the first study to demonstrate and quantify the relationship between waterlevel drawdowns, changes in the waterlevel as compared to earlier level, and greenhouse gas releases

The research could lead to different ways of managing drawdowns as emissions may be higher in summer month isabel marant online uk s, when warmer temperatures and low oxygen conditions in bottom waters stimulate the microbial activity that produces greenhouse gases. isabel marant online uk