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Published: Tuesday 23 July, 2013

isabel marant boucle jacket isabel marant boucle jacket Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog

As I said in a previous article. It a pity that this Blog is in danger of being taken over by a few who have no regard for journalistic principals, let alone the truth. Miranda good work and adherance to a high standard of journalism is deserving of constructive comment, rather than the rantings of those who wish to damage the integrity of this site.

And no, you won read or hear of the type of information that you have presented Paul from the likes of Piers Ackerman, Tim Blair, or Miranda Devine, or many other quality journalists for that matter. Their reasons are most likely quite simple. The sources peddling this stuff have well and truely been proven to be corrupt.

It time for you guys to go and find a blog where you will receive a listening ear. All you can do on this blog is talk amongst yourselves, as it is unlikely that there is anyone here that is interested in listening to views that have not been tested by adequate research.

If you wish to remain an irritant, well keep on posting, but you eventually find others will abstain from commenting.

Thanks Miranda for your factual comments as always, and enjoy your deserved break.

heywood, where is your evidence for your antarctic sea ice claim? since when was a region global.? you are confused. i will put a question to you. why do you not offer an explanation for the loss of ice. sea ice varies according to the seasonal considerations. land ice does not. please explain why 90% of glaciers are in retreat. they are measured by satelite how would they decrease in size if the planet was not warming? see the onus is on you to offer an explanation. is that the sound of silence i hear? lol

Commenting on the likely cause, Prof Steig told BBC News: fingerprint of forced climate change that is, anthropogenic manmade forcing of climate by greenhouse gases is that it will warm in most places at the same time.

that clearly the fingerprint that we are seeing. is a view shared by Prof Peter Nienow, a glaciologist at the University of Edinburgh, who said: significant warming being seen in many places across the planet makes it unlikely that the recent warming reported in this paper is due just to local natural variability. his Nature paper, Dr Mulvaney did not conclude that the recent changes observed in the peninsula were down to human activity.

However, when asked about this, he said: I am pressed to say whether I think it humaninduced, then I would say what we are seeing is humaninduced. Lewandowsky and his colleagues at the University of Western Australia posted a link to an online questionnaire on eight climaterelated blogs with a diverse readership, in order to capture people views about economics, science and conspiracy theories.

What they found was remarkable. People who endorsed conspiracy theories such as was an inside job and moon landings were faked were also more likely to reject established scientific facts about climate change, such as believe that the burning of fossil fuels on the scale observed over the last 50 years has increased atmospheric temperatures to an appreciable degree.

Ahhh. I see robert is blog hopping , and has his Climate Science hat on again, this time in support of another member of the collective. A bit of a multiblog bonus from GetUp hey?

Are you going to cough up those credentials yet robert?

will say the warming is without explaining how the warming can be natural what champ, the onus of proof is on the warmists to prove the causative link between CO2 and warming, you know, empirical evidence, not from a GIGO model or merely a correlation.

The sceptics don have to come up with an alternative hypothesis, the ones that say we are going to and die have to provide the evidence to support theirs.

of the chief drones like Isobar, P isabel marant boucle jacket eter B, Geoff of the Central Coast, Street Cred and Bruce of WA. Not a brain cell between them. there you go again with the Ad Hom. Yawn.

Damaging air pollutants include sulfur dioxide, particulate matter a mixture of extremely small particles and water droplets ozone, and nitrogen dioxide. China accounts for roughly onethird of the global total for these pollutants, according to Krzyzanowski.

In neighboring India, air pollution is believed to cause 527,700 fatalities a year. In the United States, premature deaths from toxic air pollutants are estimated at 41,200 annually.

The combustion of fossil fuels whether to power China many automobiles, its burgeoning factories, or its expanding megacities is a primary source of outdoor air pollutants. reports about the deadly effects of Black Soot, also known as the Asian Brown Cloud, beg the question why Australia hypocritical and irresponsible Prime Minister, JuLIAR Gillard, is selling off huge tonnages of our coal to China for their secondary industries which are adding to this deadly Black Soot pollution. Strangely there is NO POLLUTION TAX included in the cost of Australia coal sold to China! Maybe Gillard knows all too well that the CO2 TAX she has burdened most Australians with, will do nothing, absolutely nothing to stop the Black Carbon Soot in the Northern Hemisphere NOR have the slightest effect on controlling the climate. Without doubt, Gillard CO2 TAX is nothing more than a fund for fighting the next Federal election which can come soon enough!!

It has been reported today we have had the coldest winter in two years and the coldest night time temp in 6 years but it is as obvious as the sun in the sky temps are not up but slightly down but still the gullible fools and slow learners want to belie isabel marant boucle jacket ve the spin and propaganda about melting icecaps and rising sea levels and dead polar bears and sweltering temps when the last hot day we had in Coffs was more than eight years ago. You know you are dealing with nutcases when they cant see isabel marant boucle jacket the blatant obvious.

heywood. using your criteria for coming to a scientific conclusions there would be no scientific conclusions. science does not work on a 100% certainty. be it historically, after all we were not there during the age of the dinosaurs for instance. so heywood do you believe that dinosaurs dominated the earth, or that we have evolved or that smoking causes cancer? none of those things are 100% conclusive. but a reasonably intelligent person accepts them as very probable based on supportive evidence. that is how man made climate change is judged. it is also on skeptics to explain how the earth can warm naturally during a solar minimum. give us an explanation? to overturn a consensus you must put forth a theory that can be tested and proved a fact or at least a credible alternative. you offer nothing and that is why you lose the argument. silence is not a counter argument

Skeptic arguments that Antarctica is gaining ice frequently hinge on an error of omission, namely ignoring the difference between land ice and sea ice.

In glaciology and particularly with respect to Antarctic ice, not all things are created equal. Let us consider the following differences. Antarctic land ice is the ice which has accumulated over thousands of years on the Antarctica landmass itself through snowfall. This land ice therefore is actually stored ocean water that once fell as precipitation. Sea ice in Antarctica is quite different as it is generally considered to be ice which forms in salt water primarily during the winter months.

In Antarctica, sea ice grows quite extensively during winter but nearly completely melts away during the summer Figure 1. That is where the important difference between antarctic and arctic sea ice exists. Arctic sea ice lasts all the year round, there are increases during the winter months and decreases during the summer months but an ice cover does in fact remain in the North which includes quite a bit of ice from previous years Figure 1. Essentially Arctic sea ice is more important for the earth energy balance because when it melts, more sunlight is absorbed by the oceans whereas Antarctic sea ice normally melts each summer leaving the earth energy balance largely unchanged. isabel marant boucle jacket