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Published: Wednesday 24 July, 2013

factory michael kors factory michael kors ´╗┐Alternative fuels from dry waste

Though population and economic growth leading to increased consumption of ma factory michael kors terial goods have been held responsible, there has been a dire need to find sustainable ways of managing waste generation.

French waste and water management group Suez Environnement, which is the worlds second largest water and waste utility by revenue, decided to team up with the Australian government. The latters new waste management policy aims to enable a switch from sending everything to the landfill, to recovering as much of the resources within the waste as possible.

The Paris headquartered Suez Environnement is keen to grow its business in Australia and India, even as it looks to cut costs in some of its traditional markets in Europe.

Chief Executive Officer JeanLouis Chaussade said India and China could well take the lead from its European counterpart, since the company is keen to deploy its resources in the waste business on an international level.

With its subsidiary Sita Australia, that is specialised in recycling and safe disposal of residual waste, Suez Environnements attention turned to resource recovery rather than waste disposal.

The Sita ResourceCo site is the only facilty in Australia that produces alternative fuels from dry waste.

Suez Environnement generated revenues of Euro 1 billion in Australia in 2011, which amounted to 7 per cent of its overall revenues, compared with Euro 250 million in 2008.

Moreover, with the very nature of waste changing, Australia also happened to be the first country to introduce a carbon tax on waste. As of July 1, 2012, a tax of $15 a tonne is levied by the Federal government, with different levies in different states.

With a history of steadily accelerating CO2 emissions over the past 30 years, Australia recorded a 50 per cent jump between 1990 and 2008, making the country the biggest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

Overflowing dustbins across homes and businesses find their way to landfills. Of the 40 million tonnes of waste generated per annnum in Australia, on an average 20 million tonne is recycled. However, there is a lot of methane and carbondioxide that is released into the atmosphere, said Mallet.

The Adelaide site in South Australia handles about 150,000 tonnes of dry waste materials every year. Approximately 75,000 tonnes of processed engineered fuel PEF is manufactured every year. The PEF has a very high calorific value, making it an excellent alt factory michael kors ernative to gas or coal for industrial furnaces or even thermal power plants.

The site is the first and only one of its kind in Australia, but the model is to be marketed aggressively with the number of alternative fuel ARRT facilities expected to grow globally.This correspondents visit to Australia was sponsored by Suez Envi factory michael kors ronnement factory michael kors

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