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Published: Sunday 21 July, 2013

designer bags outlet designer bags outlet Global Climate Change Issues Forum

The scientific evidence supporting the theory of global warming is ambiguous and inconclusive. Even if the worstcase scenario were accurate, the effects of a warmer climate may not be entirely negative. In the absence of conclusive scientific data, it would be foolish to impose on the industrialized nations economychilling and jobkilling restrictions, while exempting Red China. Congress should demand that the Kyoto agreement be submitted to the Senate for ratification, as the Constitution requires, before any of its provisions are implemented, and resist efforts by the Clinton administration to enact the treaty unilaterally by executive orders or regulatory edicts. Senator from New Jersey

We need to confront the threat of everincreasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and we must do so without further delay. I support the Kyoto Protocol as an important first step. The United States is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and we must show leadership in significantly reducing our emission of these gases. We should give corporations incentives for taking voluntary actions, in advance of treaty ratification, to help reverse our increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Government actions should support achievement of climate stabilization as quickly as possible.

Republican former White House official, political commentator

The ClintonGore cavein at Kyoto amounts to virtual economic treason against the United States. By a vote of 950, the Senate rejected the treatys exemption of megapolluters like China, India and Mexico from the draconian cuts in energy consumption imposed on the United States. Still, Clinton signed this protocol that, if implemented, will send Americas standard of living spiraling downward. Despite Al Gores apocalyptic forecasts, Earths temperature has risen only half a degree Celsius since 1870, and of the 200 billion tons of carbon dioxide released annually, 95 percent are the work of nature.

Republican Governor of Texas

Efforts to improve our environment must be based on sound science, not social fads. Scientific data show average temperatures have increased slightly during this century, but both the causes and the impact of this slight warming are uncertain. Changes in the earths atmosphere are serious and require much more extensive scientific analysis. I oppose the Kyoto Protocol; it is ineffective, inadequate and unfair to America because it exempts 80 percent of the world, including major population centers such as China and India, from compliance. America must work with businesses and other nations to develop new technologies to reduce harmful emissions.

Vice President Gores obsession with global warming is wrongheaded. Worse, his Kyoto treaty could drive gas prices to $2 a gallon or more, cost millions of jobs, and economically devastate farmers, factory workers, miners and small businesses. The truth is that the catastrophic claims about global warming are deeply flawed. The earths temperatures were fluctuating long before the Industrial Revolution. There is no real evidence that the world is heading into an age of superheated temperatures. can achieve real environmental stewardship without sacrificing our economic freedom and prosperity.

Democrat Vice President of the United States

There is overwhelming scientific designer bags outlet consensus: the threat of global warming is real. The Kyoto Protocol is an historic step toward meeting this global challenge. It sets strong, realistic targets for reducing emissions and establishes flexible, marketbased mechanisms to minimize costs. These commonsense steps not only save energy and pr designer bags outlet otect us from smog and other dangerous pollutants, but they save money as wellproving that we can both protect our environment and continue growing our economy. However, the Protocol remains a work in progress. We must negotiate clear rules for its marketbased mechanisms and achieve meaningful participation by key developing countries. Senator from Utah

I appreciate the global challenges we face in protecting our environment. But, I am struck by the irony that the Kyoto agreements put more restrictions on nations which are already voluntarily addressing the concern of greenhouse gases than on others where little is required and little has been done. Moreover, placing restrictions only on developed nations will merely serve to redistribute, rather than reduce, emissions as industries find it more cost effective to relocate their plants abroad. This could cost American workers the loss of more than a million industrial jobs, and result in higher prices for consumers.

Republican former State Department official

All climate change forecasts depend on technology forecasts. To know how human activity will change the climate over the next century, one must also know what energy technologies will be prevalent in 2050 designer bags outlet or 2100. Many of the same experts who only 20 years ago predicted the world would soon run out of oil now claim to foresee how energy will be produced and consumed 50 or 100 years hence. This is hubris of a high order, as is the Kyoto agenda itself, which aims to establish centralized energy planning on a global scale. The Protocol is a latterday Tower of Babel.

Whether human activity is altering the global climate is a scientific, not a political question. I have serious concerns that the Kyoto treaty does not assure the cooperation of countries such as China and India. action requires the responsible participation of other countries. Giving large nations a pass is bad environmental and economic strategy. As we work to understand fully the environmental and economic ramifications of climate change, necessary remedies must be based on sound scientific consensus, produce costeffective benefits, maximize marketbased approaches, and be truly global. designer bags outlet

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