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Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

cheap bags michael kors cheap bags michael kors 10 Scientists Rocking Our World

Today, global warming is old news, but back in the 1980s, whe cheap bags michael kors n NASA climatologist and Columbia University researcher James Hansen began warning the public and politicians about the threat of greenhouse gases, the concept was relatively new. Hansen stayed on the case to make sure the science and the side effects of global warming were known to as wide an audience as possible. One person in that audience was Al Gore, who turned to Hansen for advice, consultation and information. The product of that partnership was An Inconvenient Truth, a slide show, film and book that introduced the concepts of climate change to millions of people and, in many ways, encouraged the world to go green.

Hansen continues the drumbeat today. In 2009, he published Storms of My Grandchildren, a searing look at how humancaused climate change could destroy the planet as we know it today. The book has won awards and stirred controversy, but its major contribution is that, just like Al Gores work, it has reinforced the key concepts of global warming to a worldwide audience. In fact, New Scientist editor Mich cheap bags michael kors ael Le Page said this about the 2009 book: This is not the bestwritten science book ever, nor the easiest to understand. But it could be the most important one youll ever read. Hansen regularly update cheap bags michael kors s the facts of the book on the Web, so you can stay current, if youre so inclined, with the ongoing debate surrounding one of the most significant issues humans will face in the near future. cheap bags michael kors