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Published: Sunday 28 July, 2013

canada goose uk sale canada goose uk sale Direct energy seller still up to old tricks

He told me the whole building was signing contracts today, something we had to do to make sure we would have the right price for electricity. He made it sound like it was a standard procedure, Beaufils says.

During that visit, he agreed to sign two contracts. One was a fiveyear plan for electricity and one was a fiveyear evergreen program to reduce greenhouse gases, which would cost him $12.99 a month.

Though he tried to cancel last month, he waited too long. Now he has to pay $997.10 in penalties to get out of his electricity contract and $791.09 for his evergreen contract even before he has received any bills from S canada goose uk sale ummitt Energy.

He doesnt speak English well, nor does he know that energy deals are sold door to door by people who will say anything to get a signature.

This case bothered me for a number of reasons:

I get more complaints about Summitt than about other energy sellers. This year alone, Ive received 22 new complaints, or one almost every weekday.

Many Summitt prospects think theyre dealing with their local utility. They dont realize theyre being asked to get their gas and electricity supply at a higher rate.

When dealing with complaints about misrepresentation, Summitt says customers have to read their contracts and cancel right away. If they wait too long, theyre out of luck.

In other Summitt cases Ive handled, Ive had some success.

Jasper Chou: New to Ontario, he was visited by a Summitt agent within a week of moving into his new home. He didnt get a contract, just a brochure, and didnt know he was locked in until the first bills arrived. Summitt agreed to write off penalties of $2,123 to cancel his gas and electricity cont canada goose uk sale racts.

Sam Agu: He found out Summitt was his supplier after complaining to his utility about high gas bills. When he checked the contract, he insisted that the signature wasnt his. Summitt failed to respond to his lawyer and sent a collection agency after him for $1,250. It later cancelled without penalty.

Nariman Askari: He rented an apartment with friends, but paid f canada goose uk sale or all the utility bills. His roommate signed for electricity and the evergreen program, but didnt tell him until the high bills tipped him off. Summitt agreed to cancel both contracts without a penalty.

January Lumagbas: The firsttime homeowner had a visit from Summitt after moving in. She agreed to a water heater rental, but cancelled without penalty since she already owned one. Only with the Stars help did she avoid paying a $1,106 fee to cancel the gas.

Gaetana Girardi, compliance director, usually agrees to help when theres evidence of wrongdoing. But she dug in her heels with Beaufils, pointing out that he said yes when the company called to reaffirm both deals.

I listened to the reaffirmation calls and felt they skimped on information. Nothing was said about the fact that, if he said yes, he would be stuck paying almost $2,000 to get out.

Twice I tried to get him released without charge and twice I failed. But Friday, Girardi agreed to release him if he can provide proof of being new to Canada. This is better than her earlier demand for proof of income, which he refused to provide.

Ontario Energy Board fined Summitt last year, but its conduct hasnt changed. Ontario needs to protect newcomers, renters and firsttime homeowners from deceptive energy sales at the door. canada goose uk sale