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Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

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The head of Toronto Hydro Corp. wants to get one thing clear: A highvoltage transmission corridor through the citys east end isnt being secretly planned behind closed doors, nor is such an option a slam dunk.

Dave OBrien, CEO of Canadas largest local electric utility, told the Star that hes by persistent rumours that plans are underway to build a third transmission line into the city through the eastend communities of Scarborough, Leaside and Riverdale.

not even close, said OBrien, explaining that a number of options are being considered as a way to assure reliable power supply into Toronto, which is currently limited to two electricity corridors.

very first option from our perspective is conservation, he said. have not made a decision nor are we proceeding with engineering or design work. documents presented by Toronto Hydro last week to interveners taking part in Ontario Energy Board hearings have renewed concerns that a third line cutting through the citys east end is a pref canada goose coats sale erred option being pushed by Hydro One and the citys utility.

One document, pointing out that Toronto has half the electricity supply routes of cities such as Boston, Montreal and Houston, outlines a project timeline for a third transmission corridor in the east end where approvals would be needed in 2007 and 2008 in time for engineering and construction that would take place between 2009 and 2012.

will be huge NIMBY not in my back yard opposition to any east Toronto transmission line, said Jack Gibbons from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, pointing out that such a line would run through a number of Liberal ridings.

NIMBYism related to transmission lines could be the largest roadblock yet as the province attempts to upgrade and overhaul its electricity system to accommodate population growth and reduce pollution, including greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

North of the city, for example, a group of citizens in the GreyBruce area have come together to oppose the proposed construction of a 180kilometre highvoltage line linking nuclear operator Bruce Power to Milton. dont want it to be an election issue. MP Peter Tabuns, whose riding would be affected by the new line, immediately sent an open letter to Energy Minister Dwight Duncan urging him to forbid construction of such a corridor through regulation and instead divert the $600 million it would cost to conservation, energyefficiency and programs that will reduce power demand during peak times.

Toronto Hydros response was that the document was included in error, but Gibbons said the information in the document was presented on July 10 with two senior Toronto Hydro executives and one Hydro One official in the room.

of them raised any concerns about the accuracy that was being portrayed, he said. Ministry of Energy said any decision is a year away. are a lot of options that Toronto Hydro has examined, but they dont indicate any preference on the part of the Ontario government, said spokesman Steven Erwin. suggest otherwise is fearmongering. options include aggressive conservation, construction of an underwater transmission line, establishing a new natural gas plant at the recently demolished Lakeview coalplant site and pushing the adoption of onsite cogeneration throughout buildings, hospitals and schools.

Toronto Hydro and natural gas distributor Enbridge, for example, recently formed a joint venture to explore efficient cogeneration projects throughout the city.

No plan will be created, said OBrien, without extensive public consultation. have to engage the community of Toronto. councillor Paula Fletcher said shes going to hold OBrien to that comment. Shes asked Torontos utility chief to write a letter clarifying his position on a third line and giving the highest priority to conservation efforts.

In Alberta, the battle over a transm canada goose coats sale ission line between Edmonton and Calgary has led to scandal. The provinces privacy watchdog is canada goose coats sale probing the Alberta Energy and Utility Board for using private investigators to spy on landowners opposed to the new line. canada goose coats sale