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Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

canada goose amazon uk canada goose amazon uk Do greenhouse gases harm the ozone layer

The definition of a greenhouse gas is a gas which contributes to the greenhouse effect. This is a natural process whereby gasses such as carbon dioxide and water vapour trap the suns ray canada goose amazon uk s in the Earths atmosphere.

This occurs because initially, the suns rays are very short waves of light and heat. these do not reflect of greenhouse gases. After r canada goose amazon uk ebounding off the Earths surface, the waves length and are trapped by greenhouse gases.

No greenhouse gases have an adverse effect on the ozone layer. The ozone layer is constantly being depleted and regenerated by natural means. Ozone is O3 three oxygen molecules, and when struck by UV light is is decomposed into plain oxygen, and the UV light is prevented from striking the Earths surface. Conversely, ozone is constantly being made by UV light hitting oxygen molecules; this process keeps the amount of ozone fairly constant.

Human intervention with the release of gases such as Chlorofluerocarbons CFCs which bind themselves to ozone and create oxygen have tipped the balance, causing the holes in the Ozone layer. CFCs are not greenhouse gasses.

It is important to realise that these are two unrelated concepts. ozone prevents the majority of UV rays hitting the Earth, protecting living things. Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in the Earths atmosphere, sustaining conditions conducive to life at night time when there is no sun contrast this to Mars where temp canada goose amazon uk reaches less than 180 degrees Celsius.

Again, it is important to realise the distinction between the greenhouse effect and global warming. The Greenhouse Effect is the natural process, whereas Global warming describes how changes to the composition of the atmosphere by humans will intensify this natural process, causing a warming of mean temperatures. canada goose amazon uk