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Published: Saturday 14 September, 2013

buy cheap michael kors watch buy cheap michael kors watch 069 cr net profit for 2010

National Aluminium Company Ltd Nalco has earned net profit of Rs 1,069 crore during 201011, according to a press release at the annual general meeting held here on Thursday. Bagra, who presided over the meeting, said that the aluminium smelter and captive power plant of the company had made record production during the year.

The level of capacity utilisation at mines was 100.5 per cent with a production of 48.24 lakh tonnes. At alumina refinery, it was 98.8 per cent with 15.56 lakh tonnes. At aluminium smelter the utilisation was 96.4 per cent with 4.44 lakh tonnes and at captive power plant 91.7 per cent with 6,608 million units.

The slight decrease in alumina hydrate production at the refinery, as compared to 15.91 lakh tonnes achieved in the previous fiscal, was due to the plant being shut down for hookup jobs under expansion project and for maintenance jobs. Bauxite transportation was in line with the demand of alumina refinery for achieving the near rated capacity.

The company achieved the highest domestic metal sale of 3,40,752 tonnes, surpassing the previous record of 2,89,032 tonnes achieved in 200910, and it was 17.9 per cent higher than last years sale. The metal sale during the year was 4,38,952 tonnes, the highestever, surpassing the previous best of 435,979 tonnes achieved during the previous year.

has been made possible due to rise in demand for aluminium and improvement in companys share in the domestic market. Besides, the company has also widened its international customer base during the year, Mr Bagra said.

In the valueadded segment, the company sold 20,126 tonnes of rolled products, surpassing the previous highest sale of 15,092 tonnes achieved i buy cheap michael kors watch n 200910. During the year, the company exported 4,614 tonnes of billets, after a gap of almost a decade. It also added Tingot to its product range, which is the first of its kind in the country.

The alumina sale at 681,917 tonnes during the year was 8.4 per cent less than previous years sale of 744,069 tonnes, due to higher consumption in smelter plant for producing more aluminium metal, thereby resulting in less availability of alumina for sale compared to last year. The domestic sale of alumina, special grade alumina and other chemical products was 45,916 tonnes during the year which was the highestever surpassing the previous highest of 44,420 tonnes achieved in 200910.

The company earned a net profit after tax of Rs 1,069 crore for the year, as compared to Rs 814 crore in the previous year, an increase of 31 per cent. Sales revenue during the year at Rs 5,959 crore was higher by Rs 904 crore, an increase of 18 per cent as compared to the previous year.

Mr Bagra said the results would have been still better, but for the adverse impact of exchange rate of rupee on sales, which made a dent of Rs 159 crore during the year. The operating cost was higher by Rs 399 crore, an increase of 10 per cent over the previous year, due to increase in prices of coal, fuel oil and provisioning for wage revision.

The CMD said the mining lease over south block of Panchpatmali Bauxite Mines was extended for a further period of 20 years.

Mr Bagra said: company is actively pursuing to set up a smelter and power project in Indonesia at suitable location, primarily because of availability of good quality coal at economic prices. Two coal mining firms have been identified for pos buy cheap michael kors watch sible longterm arrangement for sourcing coal for the proposed project.

Besides, he said, Nalco had been planning to set up a smelter and power project in Odisha. Considering the uncertainty on the location in Odisha project, the company may have to explore for an alternative location in the country.

Due to unfavourable ground conditions in the area surrounding the bauxite mines in Gudem and KR Konda blocks in Andhra Pradesh, company is moving cautiously on the field activities for the proposed mines and refinery project. The plant is expected to be commissioned by February 2012.

Angul Aluminium Park, a joint venture between Nalco and the Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, had taken off with the company having 49.5 per cent equity buy cheap michael kors watch . The acquisition of land is in progress. buy cheap michael kors watch