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Published: Sunday 04 August, 2013

balenciaga mens bag balenciaga mens bag elderly to hurt most

Environmental Protection Agency, said every region of the country will be hit by worse health from heat waves and drought. It said all but a handful of states would have worse air quality and flooding. It predicts an increase in diseases spread by tainted food, bad water and bugs.

The report concludes that climate change poses real risk to human health and human system that supports our way of life in the United States, EPAs climate change research program director Joel Scheraga said at a news conference.

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. At current emission levels, global temperatures are likely to rise by about 2 degrees by midcentury and about 7.5 degrees by the end of the century, according to an international panel of scientists. Thats at least 10 percent of the countrys population, probably more, she said.

It will be tougher for these people to get adequate health care for clim balenciaga mens bag aterelated illnesses, coo balenciaga mens bag l down in heat waves, escape extreme events such as Hurricane Katrina, and even ge balenciaga mens bag t enough food, the report said.

Even in the United States, the greatest health burdens related to climate change are likely to fall on those with the lowest socioeconomic status, the report said. And it notes that global warming poses significant risks for the elderly who often have frail health and limited mobility.

While every region of America is vulnerable to global warmings health and welfare effects, more people are moving into coastal regions, which are most vulnerable to climate change because of drought and hurricanes, the report said. balenciaga mens bag