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Published: Monday 16 September, 2013

bag sale bag sale find myself agreeing with the Obama administration very often

is legal. And any time you have this unusual marriage of a George Bush policy that continued by Barack Obama, you really have found a broad center in the United States. It doing what necessary to keep us safe. next to the former White House Press Secretary, Jeffrey Toobin took some issue with the government. However, his ire towards Snowden was significantly bag sale stronger:

think there are many good reasons to protest this law. I troubled by this law, but I think there are right ways to do it, and there are wrong ways to do it, said the CNN legal analyst. a 29yearold kid, just throwing open the safe and giving away documents that people have devoted years of their lives to creating and protecting. That the wrong way to protest. segments third panel member Lanny Davis is against sacrificing safety for transparency:

saw the careful scrutiny that each person involved in the terrorist surveillance program, said former White House Special Counsel under the Clinton administration. they a bag sale pproached the line of encroaching on the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens, they pulled back to the point where there were so many checks and balances within that agency, where I was watching the program, bag sale I sometimes wondered whether we were missing evil terrorists because of concern about privacy. the clip for more of Morgan live discussion on security, transparency, the NSA, and Edward Snowden, and for the next edition of Morgan Live, watch CNN every night at 9. Well heres the chance, for Americas imminant safety and survival, to easily and most effortlessly track and deture, let alone arrest and prevent Terrorist attacks. But America puts up with the Google, Yahoo, gas stations, drug and grocery stores and Cell phone networks already seperatly tracking your every move, and we know about it, That histerically funny. I don have anything to hide, do you??????????????????

June 11, 2013 at 12:25 am

I find it sad to think that so many people squabble over whether Mr. Snowden is or is not justified in divulging what he felt morally wrong. He is an American who has lived under the banner of what his society has held patent rights on home of the free and the brave and touted this seemingly unique banner around the world for all to be jealous of and one day attain if they too can reach its moral standard. The rest of the world has viewed this catch phrase as somewhat hypocritical and with skeptical eyes. Mr. Snowden has revealed the modern American unpleasantry in his words, and I paraphrase if for a brief moment for the world to see and take notice I hope the commentators who often hold law degrees will stop spinning the words of his original message and allow that moment to be the wakeup call it was intended to be. Hats off to Mr. Snowden for his Paul Revere bravery to risk it all in calling a spade a spade. The America whose forefathers originally fought so diligently against an intrusive government has found that government has returned to haunt its people and shot holes in its banner of freedom. The leaders of that government have been successful in erecting a self imposed prison state around itself with all the interrogative procedures, protective barriers and now surveillance of its own populace. Paranoia has left America not so free as it claims to be. So much for catch phrases. bag sale