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Published: Wednesday 14 August, 2013

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demands for Snowden extradition and unacceptable. Obama met just last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Group of Eight summit in Northern Ireland and held an unusual twoday summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in California earlier this month.

Obama has made no known phone calls to Xi since Snowden surfaced in Hong Kong earlier this month, nor has he talked to Putin since Snowden arrived in Russia.

Former Rep. Jane Harman, DCalif., said it wasn clear that Obama offensive with Xi and Putin would matter much on this issue. has little leverage, she said, given the br winter clothes for women oad array of issues on which the Obama administration needs Chinese and Russian cooperation.

isn happening in a vacuum, and obviously China and Russia know that, said Harman, who now runs the Woodrow Wilson International Center. and China had hailed the ObamaXi summit as a fresh start to a complex relationship, with the leaders building personal bonds during an hourlong walk through the grounds of the Sunnylands estate. demands that Snowden be returned from semiautonomous Hong Kong to face espionage charges.

White House spokesman Jay Carney, in unusually harsh language, said China had damaged its relationship with Washington.

Chinese have emphasized the importance of building mutual trust, Carney said. think that they have dealt that effort a serious setback. If we cannot count on them to honour their legal extradition obligations, then there is a problem. He had been expected to leave Moscow for a third country, but the White House said Monday it believed the former government contractor was still in Russia.

are expecting the Russians to examine the options available to them to expel Mr. Snowden for his return to the United States, Carney said. request, saying Snowden hasn crossed the Russian border. for warnings of negative consequences if Moscow fails to comply. laws and even some sort of conspiracy, which on top of all that are accompanied by threats, as absolutely ungrounded and unacceptable, Lavrov said. has deep economic ties with China and needs the Asian power help in persuading North Korea to end its nuclear provocations. The Obama administration also needs Russia cooperation in ending the bloodshed in Syria and reducing nuclear stockpiles held by the former Cold War foes. demands. However, Rep. John McCain, who lost to Obama in the 2008 presidential election, echoed that concern on Tuesday, telling CNN that got to start dealing with Vladimir Putin for what he is.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton echoed the White House frustration with China. phone and Internet records. He shared the information with The Guardian and Washington Post newspapers. He also told the South China Morning Post that NSA does all kinds of things winter clothes for women like hack Chinese cellphone companies to steal all of your SMS data. SMS, or short messaging service, generally means text messaging.

Snowden still has perhaps more than 200 sensitive documents, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, DCalif., chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said over the weekend.

The White House made clear it believes the final decision to let Snowden leave for Russia was made by Chinese officials in Beijing.

Fiona Hill, a Russia expert at the Washingtonbased Brookings Institution, said she expected Putin to take advantage of a opportunity to publicly defy the White House. winter clothes for women