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Published: Monday 05 August, 2013

sneakers shop online sneakers shop online Answers on International Issues

Why has the world failed to act on climate change?

Underlying, fundamental reasons? It expensive to do and would impose some kind of tax on society one way or the other. Those changes would have to be coercive, and people are naturally averse to coercion.

They might undertake a coercion when the problem has been demonstrated to be immediate, as they did with sulfur emissions and CFCs, but climate change is bigger and slower. Fixing sulfur and CFC emissions came largely from indu sneakers shop online stry, while curbing CO2 emissions will be felt directly by individuals. The only results people can see are the results of largescale, complex climate models, whose worstcase prediction sneakers shop online s are all a century off. You need an overwhelming case.

Climatologists believe they have made such a case, but it a complex case to make. You need to be a climatologist to understand it fully, and it very easy for people to believe that such a complex case is flawed in one way or another.

That combined with economic inequalities: the largest produc sneakers shop online ers per capita are all in the first world, but developing nations with large numbers of people produce vast amounts of greenhouse gases. Those nations would also like to have firstworld lifestyles. It becomes very difficult politically to find a solution whereby each side doesn feel taken taken advantage of. Those nations, especially China, will be very reluctant to give up CO2 producing industries after the firstworld nations produced so much for so long.

These difficulties could, I believe, be . In 2009, America was the 17th largest per capita emitter. Even when oil producing nations and tiny islands and dependencies are discounted, it still third, behind Australia and Luxembourg !.. sneakers shop online