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Published: Thursday 19 September, 2013

sneakers online shop uk sneakers online shop uk Answers on Life on Earth

How does the Earth size impact its ability to support life?

If it were an order of magnitude smaller, sneakers online shop uk it would be hard for Earth to hold on to a significant atmosphere. Mars, for example, has a tenth of the earth mass, and it atmosphere is extremely thin. That doesn positively preclude it from having life; there reason to believe it might have at one point.

But the surface is dry now, and in part that due to the fact that much water evaporated. What water is still there is frozen, partly because it so far from the sun, but it partly because it doesn have the greenhouse gases helping to warm it. Compare to the moon, which is in the same orbit as earth but has no atmosphere. The moon is hotter in the sunlight and colder in the dark because it lacks the moderation of atmosphere. That would make life hard to evolve there.

If it were an order of magnitude larger, life might well ev sneakers online shop uk olve, though it would be very different from anything we know. It may well stay in the water, where buoyancy relieves the pressure. Ten earthmasses may be the upper limit for a rocky planet, though. After that, it tends to become unstable.

There may still be life on gas giants, though. Nobody has any idea what kind of life might live in a gas giant, nor is it apparent how you could get the necessary d sneakers online shop uk ensity of the right organic chemicals to make life. But then, we don completely know how that happened on the one planet where we know it did happen, so it purely speculative. sneakers online shop uk