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Published: Tuesday 06 August, 2013

sneakers online shop sneakers online shop Answers on Greenhouse Gases

How effective are carbon offset programs?

hmm, I am not entirely s sneakers online shop old on the topic. For example, recently I came across an investment project that was funding forestry plantations in South America. The trees planted were Eucalyptus, amongst others, which were then used in the paper and wood industry. Although a green venture on the face of it, on closer inspection, it was not very good.

Firstly, Eucalyptus trees being planted are not indigenous trees, and they consume excessive quantities of water avg 40litres per day for a sneakers online shop fully grown tree thereby starving the local habitat which should really be used for indeginious sustainable forests. Ultimately this also does not drive serious fundamental change in the paper and wood industry. A case of sneakers online shop sticking a bandaid on the problem, not treating the symptom. sneakers online shop

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