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Published: Tuesday 13 August, 2013

shoes for cheap shoes for cheap Cosmic rays and newborn clouds explain one of the mysteries of global warming

A LONGSTANDING debate about the causes of global warming may finally be solved. Cosmic rays from space really could help warm the planet by changing the way clouds form in the lower atmosphere.

The theory does not contradict the widely accepted idea that greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming. But shoes for cheap if greenhouse gases were the sole heating mechanism, the Earths surface and atmosphere would heat up at the same rate and satellite measurements show that is not what has happened. While the surface of the planet has warmed by 0.6 C over the past century, the lowest eight kilometres of the atmosphere have warmed little, if at all.

Some researchers have proposed that variations in levels of cosmic rays are the key to this paradox. They believe these very highenergy particles from deep space boost cloud growth by knocking electrons off atoms, forming char shoes fo shoes for cheap r cheap ged ions that . shoes for cheap