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Published: Thursday 19 September, 2013

relogio michael kors feminino relogio michael kors feminino Americans support Obama on energy issues

WASHINGTON A new poll says most Americans support the way President Barack Obama is dealing with energy issues, including his plan to limit greenhouse gases with a controversial capandtrade approach.

A Washington PostABC News poll published Friday finds that while support is slipping for the presidents heathcare proposals, support for his changes in energy policy remains firm.

The poll says that 55 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling energy issues while 30 percent disapprove. By a somewhat narrower majority 52 percent to 43 percent Americans back a capandtrade system that would set a ceiling for greenhouse gas emissions and would allow companies to buy and sell permits to emit the gases.

The poll has a margin of error of three percentage points and was conducted Aug. 1317.

I suppose, though people were ready for change and to switch over to using a new energy to reduce carbon emission to save environment pollution, but, the alternate was beyond the reach of people. Now that US government has taken up the issue under the leadership of the present President OBAMA to make available the new source of energy over a period to the total public, positive reaction is also beyond imagination, Though the Republicans tried there level best to make a political point on this also, but in vain. However, the countries big and small will all follow suit for the sake of our Planets total safety.

Thank GOD the country got rid of a tyrant, who was bent upon to destroy the world by denial to abide by the green house gas emission treaty. He was an example of a persons limit of stupidity again a republican for sure.

The polls reflect what we learned from the election of Obama. The voters were clear, more democratic policies would make our cou relogio michael kors feminino ntry stronger, our economy work for all people and give priority to lifting up the middle class. The American people are tired of the lies that came out of the Bush administration about health care, environmental pollution and other Bushie distortions of science. What is so frustrating is that the dems dont get it!! The people made their decision to go with the new guy on the block, and I can tell you it took a lot of faith going in to the vote for a black man. They overcame fear, doubts, apprehensions, and reluctance in order to do what was right for the country and their children. The dems cannot squander all that good faith. They need to get the job done and relogio michael kors feminino Obama needs to take the bold actions he promised the nation. This Democrat cannot fail, black or white, male or female, The Democrats have an obligation to succeed . The future of this nation cannot be surrendered to the corporatists, economic aristocrats and the right wing crazies who would sell us out, further impoverish the middle class and blurr the meaning of separation of church and states. We expect our elected officials to be smarter than us, and we expect the dems to act responsibly according to their principles.

The current cap and trade legislation is not really very effective and will only continue to reward polluting industries. The Copenhagen Climate meeting in December is where world leaders will decide whether to take effective action or not on climate change. We need to get to 350 ppm CO2, were currently at 390 and growing.

Tell President Obama about 350 ppm target this is the safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere to prevent runaway climate change. Contrary to right wing belief, the market can;t solve every problem. We need a return to when the government had a back bone and just laid down the law and told industry what to do. they have fought every environmental regulation they ever heard about at every opportunity and always say how it will kill jobs or they cant meet the standards yet at every turn theyve been able to do it and regulations on pollution have triggered research, development and production of new technologies that created jobs.

Cap and trade is a stall tactic. We can do much better. all we need is courage.

GOP fear and terror campaign? Thats funny. I cant count how many times I have heard dire p relogio michael kors feminino redictions of runaway droughts, super hurricanes, death, war, etc. by the left if we dont immediately reduce the measly amount of CO2 we currently contribute. AGW has become as irrational as religion and we all know how dangerous that can be. I am not surprised by the poll numbers though since this nonsense is shoved down the publics throats nonstop. Thats testament to the effectiveness of propaganda. I just hope they dont later decide to conjure up something on Oxygen in efforts to control it. I can see the headline now EPA DECLARED OXYGEN IS HAZZARDOUS. relogio michael kors feminino

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