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Published: Thursday 15 August, 2013

outlet bags online outlet bags online ´╗┐Germany unveils plans to cut greenhouse gases

Germany plans to cut its emissi outlet bags online ons of the major greenhouse gases to half their 1987 levels by the year 2005. This includes cuts in emissions of carbon dioxide of between 25 and 30 per cent. The targets are the most ambitious that any industrialised country outlet bags online has announced to date. Critics, however, doubt that the country can achieve these goals without much stronger legislation.

Last week, the German environment minister, Klaus Topfer, published a report on Germanys greenhouse emissions and his plans to reduce them as required by the Climate Convention, which Germany signed last year at the Earth Summit in Rio. Germany is the first country to produce such a repo outlet bags online rt.

Like every other member of the European Community, Germany has not yet ratified the climate treaty. The members of the Community have agreed to ratify jointly, so that the highly developed nations such as Germany can make bigger cuts . outlet bags online