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Published: Monday 12 August, 2013

online shoe shopping online shoe shopping Arctic sunshine cranks up threat from greenhouse gases

I think this small article touches on the most serious problem we face with AGW. The amount of carbon in the northern Tundras stored as methane, CO2 and products bacteria can convert to both is enough to cause runaway green house gas heating for the planet.

At the moment, we are just considering about a 1 to 4 degree increase in temperatures and thinking, Oh well, well cope with that. But if that 1 to 4 degrees is enough to trip the release the frozen Tundra carbons, this will cause a catastrophic increase i online shoe shopping n green house gas temperatures, which in turn will release more Tundra carbon. Exponential temperature increase.

We can adapt to gradual changes in temperature with changes in lifestyle, carbon reduction and technology. What we must never risk or gamb online shoe shopping le on, is anything that might lead to this runaway scenario. This is the one that will cause a mass extinction. A 10 degree rise in 50 years scenario.

This is why we should not be gambling with carbon. This is why we should be planing to stop the use of carbon in the near future. Because the gamble is far too serious for us not to. Not that the Tundra carbon is a certainty, but because it is a possibility.

People who gamble always loose in the long term. That why Las Vegas exists. I dont care if youre too stupid to know you cant win at Las Vegas, but we cant be allowed to online shoe shopping continue to roll the carbon dice when the losses will be measured in lives, not dollars. online shoe shopping

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