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Published: Friday 16 August, 2013

newest michael kors purses newest michael kors purses ´╗┐Environmental Awareness and Our Health

As Human Beings, we should all have the common goal of valuing the choices that will lead to enhancement of our Personal lives, our Communities and our Earth. In order for our Environment to be Healthy, the People within it must also be Healthy. We do this by becoming aware of the products that we use in our day to day lives, by living healthier lifestyles and through personal development.

Us as Humans tend to exploit our Environment. The same environment that we depend on for clean air and water. If our Environment does not protect us from harmful UV rays, does not prevent the spread of disease causing organisms and control pests then how will it sustain us?

Our Ecosystem has a natural balance which we should try to maintain. By using natural products we can reduce the amount of waste material we release into the environment. We can contribute to climate stability by simply planting more trees, which reduces Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and hence reducing respiratory illnesses. A cleaner environment will have less disease causing organism and hence a healthier population.

Global Warming is a major concern. Global warming describes changes in climate due to human influence and re newest michael kors purses sults in increased temperatures. Naturally occurring processes contribute to Global Warming. Some of these include greenhouse emission of gases like Carbon Dioxide, water vapor, ozone, volcanic emissions and solar activity.

Increases in temperature can have devastating effects on us and our environment. Disease carrying organisms favor warmer temperatures, an example of which is the mosquito which spreads dengue fever which can be fatal. Increase in the number of disease causing organism can lead to increase in human mortality.

Other negative effects of Global Warming are increase in sea levels and subsequent damage to coastlines, increase in intensity and extreme weather conditions which can wipe out whole communities. Glacier retreat presents a problem. Fewer crops will be produced leading to greater malnutrition, less healthy individuals and animals.

Unnatural increase in greenhouse gases result from industrial production by burning of coal, oil and natural gas.

Many Environmental groups are advocating for action against Global Warming on the Consumer level. We can do our part by equipping our houses with environmentally friendly products and saving money at the same time through our purchases and changing lifestyles.

We need to be aware that their are Companies that also value our Environment, are aggressively promoting products that contribute to Healthy Lifestyles. Gaiam, pronounced GuyUm, is one such Company. They are not only merchants for Health and fitness related products and services, but also are involved with conservation programs that so far have resulted in the planting of 52,000 trees which of course will increase absorption of Carbon Dioxide.

Gaiam products reflect Gaiam commitment to ensuring that our World is Healthier because we are utilizing ecofriendly prod newest michael kors purses ucts and Gaiam is delivering service newest michael kors purses s that ensure our personal development.

In addition to media, Gaiam products include mindbody fitness and wellness solutions, organic cotton apparel and home textiles, and renewable energy solutions. newest michael kors purses

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