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Published: Monday 12 August, 2013

michaels kors watches outlet michaels kors watches outlet A Gentle Reminder

There are a lot of people from my end of the political spectrum busy reminding those who forgotten, or those who been born since her period of tenure of the many negative things Mrs T did to this country and the world, however, there is one important anomaly I wish to raise among the waves of righteous criticism.

In a landmark speech to the Royal Society, given at Fishmongers Hall in the City of London on September 27 1988, Margaret Thatcher said:

generations, we have assumed that the efforts of mankind would leave the fundamental equilibrium of the worlds systems and atmosphere stable. But it is possible that with all these enormous changes population, agricultural, use of fossil fuels concentrated into such a short period of time, we have unwittingly begun a massive experiment with the system of this planet itself.

Recently three changes in atmospheric chemistry have become familiar subjects of concern. The first is the increase in the greenhouse gases dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons has led some to fear that we are creating a global heat trap which could lead to climatic instability. We are told that a warming effect of 1 per decade would greatly exceed the capacity of our natural habitat to cope. Such warming could cause accelerated meltin michaels k michaels kors watches outlet ors watches outlet g of glacial ice and a consequent increase in the sea level of several feet over the next century. This was brought home to me at the Commonwealth Conference in Vancouver last year when the President of the Maldive Islands reminded us that the highest part of the Maldives is only six feet above sea level. The population is 177,000. It is noteworthy that the five warmest years in a century of records have all been in the 1980s we may not have seen much evidence in Britain!

Again 1989, That michaels kors watches outlet cher the possessor of a chemistry degree warned in a speech to the UN that We are seeing a vast increase in the amount of carbon dioxide reaching the atmosphere. The result is that change in future is likely to be more fundamental and more widespread than anything we have known hitherto. She called for a global treaty on climate change.

To my delight I got the main quote from a Telegraph scream piece hammered out by the rabid climate change denier madman James Delingpole. Some relish must be devoured at the pain this must cause such a clenchfisted loon as Mr Shouty. Yes, she later recanted once the nutbags in the all lefty nonsense were able to poison her ear, but she wasn Prime Minister then so it didn matter.

What matters was, a British Prime Minister and a leading world politician who was also a scientist saw the peer reviewed scientific papers that were the result of millions of hours of research and understood how the conclusion was reached. She wasn at that stage influenced by the siren voices of the oil industry and the ultrashortsighted bullyboy tactics of the extreme right that Mr tragic Delingpole and Lord scary Monkton represent with such fury.

I believe that she was also responsible for the invention, while still a chemist, of Mr Whippy type icecream. You know, the kind with absolutely no dairy products in it.

Being a Jock, and putting past memories aside, I rather suspect that she will be the one main reason why no other woman will ever be allowed to become a UK Prime Minister. Obviously, I could be talking complete and utter bollox, but that my own thoughts on the matter. I hope not, after all, there must be some women out there who can be a much better job, can there?. michaels kors watches outlet